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If the team hits the ball over the end line by the goal they are defending, the opposing team gets a long corner.

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Q: When is a long corner awarded in field hockey?
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In Field Hockey - When a long corner is awarded where is it taken from?

It is taken from the side line 5 metres from the corner on the side of the field where the ball went out.

In what sport do you take a long or short corner?

Field hockey.

In which sport do players take a long short corner?

Hockey. That's 'field' hockey as opposed to 'ice hockey'

When is a push in awarded in field hockey?

Whenever the ball leaves the sides of the pitch. If the ball leaves the ends of the pitch it will either be a 16 yard hit or a long corner.

What is a long corner in field hockey?

A long corner is also called a long hit. It is usually awarded when the defending team, unintentionally play the ball over the base line. The long corner is taken from the 25 yard line, it should also be in line with where the ball exited the pitch on the baseline.

What is a long hit in field hockey?

it is awarded when the defense hit it out over there own end line

When is a long corner given in hockey?

a long corner in hockey is given when the ball goes off the back by the defending team, a long corner is then given to the attackers.

What is the long corner in hockey?

A long corner is awarded if the ball is 'unintentionally' hit across the end line by a defender or goalie, To set it up, the ball is placed on the same side of the field where it went out of bounds. It is placed on the side line five yards from the corner of the end line. The pusher tries to pass to one of his/her own team for a scoring opportunity

What is a long corner in a hockey match?

A long corner is awarded when the the ball is played unintentionally over the baseline by the defending team. The long corner is then taken from the 25yard line and level with were the ball went off the backline. If the long corner terminology is confusing, it should be as it is no longer taken from the corner of the pitch but at the 25yrd line parallel to the baseline, the position of the long corner free hit has changed but the terminology remains the same.

How long is a field hockey field?

Field Hockey fields are 100 yards (91.5 metres) long and 60 yards (55 metres) wide.

What is a longcorner on hockey?

A long corner isn't really a corner at all. It is taken from the top of the goal D .

How long in feet is a field hockey field?

A field hockey field [that isn't used as some other sports field: Football, Soccer, etc.] is typically 300 yards.

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