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== == When it is shot over the glass into the audience, or into the team player's benches. It is whistled "dead" by the referee, and depending on which team last touched the puck, it will be "faced off" at a point close to where the player was located that shot it out of play. A face off is where two players are positioned at a face off circle , facing each other with their sticks held just off the ice surface. The lines man drops the puck between them to resume play, and as the puck hits the ice the two players attempt to get control of the puck to pass it to their "wingers" to start moving the puck towards the other teams goal. Under the new NHL rules, a delay of game penalty ( two minutes in the penalty box) is given for "deliberately shooting the puck out of play". The player that shoots the puck out of play is going to the box for 2 minutes so their team will play one man short for that time period. In many cases this results in the other team scoring a goal, because they had a man advantage ( five skaters to only four on the team with the penalty ).

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Q: When is a hockey puck out of play?
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