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A cricket player can be called out in any of the following ways:

  • Bowled Out: A bowler's delivery strikes the batsman's stumps knocking the bails off.
  • Caught: A struck ball is caught on the fly by a fielder even if it hits pads after
  • Run Out: A batsman or runner has the stumps in the crease he's running to hit by an outfield player with enough force to knock down the bowlers before he has made good his ground at that crease.
  • Stumped: A batsman or runner is stumped when the wicket keeper is holding the ball knocks the bails down.
  • Leg Before Wicket: (LBW) A batsman uses his leg to block a ball that would've stricken the wicket, the ball must hit the pads or body first. This form of dismissal is especially controversial and is a huge reason why cricket uses a replay umpire.
  • Hit the Ball Twice: If a batsman hits the ball twice he is declared out.
  • Timed Out: Next batsman in the order for batting does not report to his wicket within 3 minutes of the last batsman's dismissal
  • Hit Wicket: The batsman inadvertently knocks down the bails at his end.
  • Handled The Ball: If the batsman intentionally handles the ball he is called out.
  • Obstructed The Field: Given if the batsman or a runner intentionally interferes with a fielder or with the ball whilst it is in the air.
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Q: When is a cricket player out?
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