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Yeah she will come back in 2011 in wrestlemania 27. She will come back wwe wrestlemania 27.

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Q: When is Trish coming back to WWE?
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Is trish status coming back to WWE?

yes she is contemplating coming back to wwe

Is trish statrus coming back to the WWE?


Is trish stratus coming back to the WWE in 2009?

Probably not

What happen to trish stratus?

what happen to trish stratus and will she return to wwe? Sept 9, 2008 Trish retired to marry her high school sweetheart as for coming back to WWE that is up to her.

Trish stratus coming back to WWE?

No she has no plans to return to wrestling full time

Why did Trish Leave WWE?

She said "the best time to leave is at the top of your game". "That's how legends are born". I for one wish trish would come back to the wwe, but that's just me. I hear that wwe is offering her thousands of dollars and offering her a new contract! So trish is probally coming back.

Is trish statrus back in the WWE?


Does Jeff Hardy know Trish has come back to WWE?

Why would Jeff care that Trish is back.

Is Trish Stratus back with WWE?

No i think she id in TNA No she is not with WWE and she certainly is not in TNA

Will WWE Trish Stratus come back in WrestleMania 27?


Is Melina coming back to WWE?

she is coming back to the wwe in august.

Is scotty too hotty coming back to WWE?

No he is not coming back to WWE

Is Candice Michelle coming back to the WWE?

i do not know when she is coming back to the wwe

Who is coming to back to the WWE?

batisa is coming back

When is reymysterio coming back to WWE?

He is coming back this week

When is the WWE's boogieman coming back?

He's not coming back

Will WWE trish stratus come back to the WWE in 2011 and become a wrestler again?

Anything is possible but i doubt it.

Is Mick Foley coming back to the WWE?

yes mick foley is coming back to wwe . he is coming back on 11-14-11 :)

When is the undertaker coming back to WWE?

Yes he will come back to the wwe

What happended to trish status from WWE?

Trish Stratus is now a trainer on WWE Tough Enough

Is dx coming back to the WWE?

no dx is not coming back because Shawn michells is retired from wwe

Is Dwayne Johnson coming back to the WWE?

Dwayne Johnson is coming back to the WWE at the 2012 Wrestlemania.

Is WWE Dustin Rhodes coming back to the WWE?


Is hornswaggle coming back to WWE?

He Is back

When is WWE undertaker coming back?

He is coming back February 21,2011