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Late March

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Q: When is NCAA Basketball Player of the Year named?
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What Indiana state basketball player was named ncaa player of the year in 1979?

Larry Bird

Who is the 2010 NCAA Basketball Player of the Year?

Evan Turner, Ohio State

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Who won 2001 ncaa men's basketball Player of the Year?

Shane Battier, Duke.

What year did the NCAA tournament begain?

The first NCAA Basketball Tournament was held in 1939.

What year did Wisconsin win the NCAA basketball tournament?

The Wisonsin Badgers played in the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

When will NCAA Basketball 09 be out on Wii?

EA Sports will not be making NCAA Basketball 09 for the Wii this year.

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Is NCAA basketball for PSP?

no. it sat out this year for psp

What year did Missouri win NCAA championship in basketball?


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What was the first year the NCAA basketball tournament was played?