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The champion league final between Barcelona and Manchester United was on the 28/5/2011.

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Q: When is Manchester united vs barcalona?
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Are Manchester united through to the finals?

yes vs barcalona

How were the stadiums of Manchester United named?

their stadium names are old trafford and the stadium wembly were Manchester united lost the euefa champions league vs barcalona 3-1

Who is manchester-united next playing in football?


Is ionel messi playing for Manchester united fc?

No, he plays for Barcalona

What are the top 100 soccer teams?

1: Manchester United 2: Barcalona 3: Chelsea

When was the last time Manchester United played barcalona?

In the 2009 European Cup when Barca won 2-0.

Top 3 football clubs in the world?

1)Manchester United 2)Barcalona 3) AC Milan

Who has won the premier league the most?

Manchester united. 19 times with amazing players. Barcalona and Manchester united are proberly the best team in the whole world. OFFICAL/

What Is The Best Soccer Team?

1.Real Madrid CF 2.Barcalona FC 3.Chelsea 4.Manchester City 5.Manchester United

5 footballers that have played for Manchester united and barcalona?

Mark Hughes Jordi Cryuff Laurent Blanc Gerard Pique Henrik Larsson

Who won the Manchester united vs Newcastle football match on the 12th of January 2008?

Manchester United 2 - 0 Newcastle United

How much is barcalona football club worth?

How much it is worth can be found as Barcelona is the third richest club in the world, after Manchester United and Real Madrid.