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I dont think HBK is ever coming back

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โˆ™ 2009-08-17 05:17:05
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Q: When is HBK coming back?
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When is HBK coming back - dated 4th Oct 07?

hbk is coming back in raw wwe

Is HBK coming back to WWE 2010?


When is hbk coming back to raw?

He is already back at raw

Is DX coming back toWWE?

no because hbk said that he is notcoming back

Is hbk coming back ever again to WWE?


Is thriple h coming back?

he is with Shawn michaels .not sure if he is coming back. HHH will be back very soon, but HBK will not

Is hbk coming back to the WWE?

yea is he will return after what happen at wreaslmania26

Is hbk coming back?

We do not know if HBK Shawn Michaels is going to be coming back to the WWE after what happened at the 25th anniversary but if we do find out we will let you know. It is possible the answer is never. After WM 26, he lost to the Undertaker and his career was over.

Is hbk coming back to WWE?

No but there is a chance he will go to Tna. June 2010 there is no chance in hell that HBK would go to TNA! If he chooses to return it will be with WWE the information came from HBK

When will hbk return to raw 2010?

He is coming back, but not to wrestel just to help or be in the audience.

Is Ric Flair coming back to the WWE and if so will he wrestle?

no hes sooooo old and was embaresed enuf by HBK

Is hhh coming back?

Probably. He just got a new daughter, and therefore he's taking a break. Maybe he will have a comeback with HBK? :)

Will hbk come back?

No, HBK is retired but he will come back occasionally in story lines or as a mentor to superstars.

Will hbk back at over the limit?


Where is hbk come back?


Why did HBK back down when JBL took his Slammy?

it was part of the story line when HBK was supposedly working for JBL JBL was in control of HBK and anything dealing with him it was a story line

Will Triple H be coming back to the WWE?

yes he will come back to wwe at summerslame and put shamus in place he needs to be and i think hbk is the gm of raw ofily he is then dx will be back in wwe we got to words 4 a sick it

Can HBK return back or not?

Yes but he won't

When will HBK or Shawn Michaels come back?


What is going to happen to Triple H and HBK since HBK got thrown out of the ring on raw?


Is hbk going back in2011?

no he won't be back. he just retired

When is hbk returning to the WWE?

yes he is back now

When does hbk's contract expire?

it did not expire he comng back?

Is John Cena gone from WWE?

Yes, but it is said (this is out of the storyline) that John Cena might be spending 1 year for his family and for vacation before he comes back to WWE, but that is just a rumor, like HBK coming back.

Will hbk return to WWE?

Shawn Michael will be back at summerslam