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This has never been achieved. Although, in 1929 Collingwood went through the full season undefeated. Collingwood lost to Richmond in the first semi-final but went on to win the Premiership. Under the then rules, the minor premiers were always in the Grand Final. So the answer is that it has never happened that a team has remained undefeated for a whole year.

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Q: When has any AFL or VFL team goen undefeated in a season?
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What team had the last undefeated season in afl?

Collingwood have done it back in 1929 or something

What American Football League teams have gone undefeated?

No AFL team ever went undefeated. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only NFL team to have ever gone undefeated.

What AFL team has had the best regular season recordin a 16-game season?


Have the NFL New England Patriots ever had an undefeated regular season?

Yes. The New England Patriots beat the New York Giants 38-35 on December 29, 2007 to culminate an undefeated regular season in 2007. This is a remarkable feat. Previously, the 1972 Miami Dolphins had been the only team since the AFL-NFL merger to have an undefeated regular season. The 1972 Dolphins a 17-game regular season while the Patriots played a 16-game regular season.

What afl team has kicked the most goals ever in season?

Jason Dunstall

How many games are played by the AFL yearly?

Each team in the AFL (Australian Football League) plays 22 regular-season games every year. There are 18 teams in the AFL, so the total regular-season games played in the league is 396. The AFL also has one pre-season game called the NAB Cup, the playoffs (featuring the best 8 teams) and the AFL Grand Final.

What teams have gone undefeated in the regular season in the NFL?

1972 Miami Dolphins (17-game regular season) and the 2007 New England Patriots (16-game regular season). Chicago Bears in 1934 and 1942 before the AFL-NFL merger.

Which AFL team has won 10 premierships?

Which AFL team has won 10 premierships

Which AFL team joined the AFL in 1995?

The Fremantle Dockers joined the AFL in 1995.

When does the afl start in 2009?

March 26 Is The Start Of The AFL Season

Has any AFL VFL team ever gone the whole season without a win?

No never, the lowest wins a team has had was Fitzroy with 1 win

When does the AFL season start?

The AFL season starts in march and ends in september p.s BeN sMiTh RoCkS

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