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There have been 26 games in NFL history, regular season and playoffs, where one team has scored 60 points or more.

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, 6 teams have scored 60 or more points in a game ... 5 were regular season games and 1 was a playoff game.

1) January 15, 1999 (playoffs) - Jaguars 62, Dolphins 7

2) December 17, 1989 - Bengals 61, Oilers 7

3) November 17, 1985 - Jets 62, Buccaneers 28

4) September 16, 1973 - Falcons 62, Saints 7

5) December 17, 1972 - Bengals 61, Oilers 17

6) November 26, 1972 - Giants 62, Eagles 10

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The last time an NFL team scored exactly 63 points in a game was November 30, 1952 when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the New York Giants 63-7.

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That was January 15, 1999 in an AFC Division playoff game when the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Miami Dolphins, 62-7.

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Q: When has an nfl team scored 60 or more?
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