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Goldberg's last Wrestling match was at Wrestlemania XX against Brock Lesnar,with Stone Cold as Special Referee.

Goldberg won the match.

*As of August 18th, 2012.

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Q: When goldberg fight last time?
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Did goldberg fight Triple H at WrestleMania?

No unfortunately Goldberg never went to WrestleMania.

Why did Whoopi Goldberg take the name Goldberg?

It was her first husband's last name

Who would win in a fight Goldberg or jean claude van dam?

Jean claude would win this fight, whilst goldberg is a wrestler, he has no real fight experience in the field of martial arts. Saying this however, if a real fight were to take place, it's anyones guess as to the outcome.

Why doesnt Goldberg from WWE fight anymore?

he wants to be an actor

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When will Goldberg return to WWE?

since he is currently acting in movies, he will not fight.

Who would win in a fight goldberg or stone cold?

stone cold

Who won the fight between goldberg and Triple H at unforgiven?

Goldberg hits the Jackhammer on Triple H and pins him to become the new World heavyweight Champion

Why did Whoopi Goldberg change her name?

She was very fascinated by "whoopi cushions." She wanted her last name to be cushion, but her mother disagreed. So her last name decided to be Goldberg. No one knows why or even how she got her last name to be Goldberg.

Will stone cold ever fight goldberg?

No, because Goldberg is dominant in wcw. Stone cold is dominant in wwe. So they made both of them friends in the story line.

Did chris Jericho and goldberg get in a real fight while wrestling?

"While wrestling" as in during a match? No, they got in a real fight backstage.

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Is Bill Goldberg going to be wrestling any time soon?

no in summerslam 2008 goldberg is returning hes going to WWE

Why doesn't Bill Goldberg still wrestle?

he got right arm and couldn't fight any more

Who will goldberg fight at WrestleMania 27?

So far he isn't put in any WrestleMania 27 matches.

Will bill goldberg return to WWE in 2009?

"On August 22, 2008, Goldberg announced on the Fight Network Radio that he has been training for three weeks to make his long awaited professional wrestling return, but has hinted that his return would not involve WWE or TNA. He stated during his appearance that he stopped training when his son was born a few years back. Goldberg was last seen in a pro wrestling ring at WrestleMania 20 against Brock Lesnar." From Wikipedia I hope he finally faces (The Undertaker) in his last Wrestlemania Match with a No Contest as a result....

Who was the first person to beat bill goldberg?

The first person to defeat Bill Goldberg and end his winning streak of 173 matches won was Kevin Nash. However this loss wasn't exactly fair as another fighter, Scott Hall, intervened with the fight and used a taser gun on Goldberg.

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When will bill goldberg go back to wrestling?

As of August 2014, Bill Goldberg has no plans to go back to wrestling. He may appear in skits from time to time for WWE, but will not wrestle anymore.

Can anybody take the big show in a real fight?

yes,Undertaker,Brock lesnar,goldberg, can take on bigshow

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