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they have to keep skating. Then after they can put ice on

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Q: When figure skaters fall do they have to keep skating or can they leave the ice?
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Is there a world record for falling a lot when ice skating?

No all skaters fall a lot.

What part in the body gets hurt in figure skating?

Well, you could fall on any part of your body. Intense figure skaters will sometimes have knee and/or ankle problems because of landing too many jumps.

What are the basic rules of figure skating?

Don't fall.

What is the 2 rule for figure skating?

My coach says it's "Laugh when you fall and it hurts!" =P

What plays are going to be performed in the fall and winter at Union Station in Kansas City Missouri?

Figure skating

What are some key rules to figure skating?

Dont fall have fun dont break ur bones or die!

Is ice skating considered dangerous?

Figure skating is a dangerous sport. It is difficult to learn, and some beginners feel they spend more time on the ice after falling than actually skating. When learning to do spins, beginning skaters sometimes gash their legs or ankles with their blades. Throughout their careers, skaters sprain and strain muscles, suffer stress fractures, tear ligaments and get bruised. They can have the wind knocked out of them, can dislocate collar bones or even break bones from falls. Concussions can also happen. Singles skaters can reach speeds over 20 mph, and ladies in pairs skating move even faster doing throw jumps, and at those speeds the risk of injury when things go wrong is great. Pairs skaters doing side-by-side spins too close to each another have been seriously injured when the blade of the free leg of one skater hits the head of the other. A mistake on the part of the lady, the man or both can lead to a lift's ending in a fall. These can be very dangerous because the lady can be 10'-12' in the air, and fall to the ice in a dead weight. The couple can also fall on top of each other. The ankles and knees take a beating in figure skating. In ice dancing, the piston-like movements of the knees cause wear and tear on the joints, and in singles and pairs the impact of thousands of jumps mean few competitive skaters make it to their late 20s without having one or more surgeries on their knees, ankles or shins.

What is the rules of figure skating?

Physics is everywhere in hockey, from how the players speed up, to how the ice has a low frictional coefficient, so everything slides. The skates are sharpened so that there is a smaller area of contact between the skates and the ice, so that when the skater tries to turn, the smaller contact area focuses the force of the skater into the ice, giving them more turning power. The puck is also governed by physics. Every time it is hit, since the ice has a near 0 coefficient of friction, it doesn't really slow down at all. When the puck is in the air is is accelerating at -9.8m/s^2 in the up and down direction. When the player wants to speed up, he uses the sharp edge of the skate to dig into the ice, which then gives him a place to push off of. Depending on which way his skates are pointing, the motion can be described by using vectors. Basically, everything in hockey is physics.