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they have to keep skating. Then after they can put ice on

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Q: When figure skaters fall do they have to keep skating or can they leave the ice?
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Why do figure skaters not have to wear helmets?

Every time there is a serious fall or injury in figure skating that is widely seen or reported, the topic of whether skaters in competition should wear helmets comes up. It seems very unlikely that the International Skating Union will ever require helmets, for almost exclusively aesthetic reasons.

Is there a world record for falling a lot when ice skating?

No all skaters fall a lot.

What part in the body gets hurt in figure skating?

Well, you could fall on any part of your body. Intense figure skaters will sometimes have knee and/or ankle problems because of landing too many jumps.

What are the basic rules of figure skating?

Don't fall.

What are the basic rules for figure skating?

the rules are to not fall and get as many points as possible

What is the average salary of a professional figure skater?

There is no real average for professional figure skaters, since there are different types of figure skaters in general. Some professional skaters may earn $18,000-$30,000 annually. Other types may earn up to $40,000-$55,000 for fall and winter work exclusively.

What is the 2 rule for figure skating?

My coach says it's "Laugh when you fall and it hurts!" =P

What plays are going to be performed in the fall and winter at Union Station in Kansas City Missouri?

Figure skating

What are some key rules to figure skating?

Dont fall have fun dont break ur bones or die!

Which sport is more dangerous figure skating or hockey?

Figure skating - It takes alot more grace and determination to do figure skating. also, if you do pairs, you may fall alot harder take Jessica Dube for example when Bryce sliced her. Hockey - Hockey is a much more aggresive sport. I think it really depends on what level your in

What is the rules of figure skating?

these are the basic rules of figure skatingThe basic rules of Figure Skating are to not fall when you jump, land your jumps by doing a full rotation and not over rotating your jumps, when you spin don't move around to much, when you do a lunge make sure your foot is oven your head. Pretty much,try your best to not fall. if you do get back up right away

What are safety guidelines for figure skating?

Figure skating isn't dangerous once you know what to do. Hold on to the barrier if you need to, if you follow those guidelines you should be fine, also if you think you might fall, bend your knees into a squat position and it'll all be good.

What is afreak fall in figure skating?

A freak fall is a really bad or scary fall that gives you a bad enough injury that you have to go to the hospital. Sometimes it's a concussion, sometimes it's a broken bone.

Is ice skating considered dangerous?

Figure skating is a dangerous sport. It is difficult to learn, and some beginners feel they spend more time on the ice after falling than actually skating. When learning to do spins, beginning skaters sometimes gash their legs or ankles with their blades. Throughout their careers, skaters sprain and strain muscles, suffer stress fractures, tear ligaments and get bruised. They can have the wind knocked out of them, can dislocate collar bones or even break bones from falls. Concussions can also happen. Singles skaters can reach speeds over 20 mph, and ladies in pairs skating move even faster doing throw jumps, and at those speeds the risk of injury when things go wrong is great. Pairs skaters doing side-by-side spins too close to each another have been seriously injured when the blade of the free leg of one skater hits the head of the other. A mistake on the part of the lady, the man or both can lead to a lift's ending in a fall. These can be very dangerous because the lady can be 10'-12' in the air, and fall to the ice in a dead weight. The couple can also fall on top of each other. The ankles and knees take a beating in figure skating. In ice dancing, the piston-like movements of the knees cause wear and tear on the joints, and in singles and pairs the impact of thousands of jumps mean few competitive skaters make it to their late 20s without having one or more surgeries on their knees, ankles or shins.

What happens if you fall in figure skating?

Depends on the fall. You are falling onto ice. Bruises, broken bones if super bad, but most likely, nothing at all. It hurts a bit though.

How safe is figure skating?

Well, I can`t tell. But you can get butt pads so it won`t hurt that much when you fall on your butt. ~i am a figure skater and former gymnast...i can tell you that figure skating is safer than gymnastics because there is a less risk that you will fall on you head or fact i have never seen or heard that happen. the most serious injuries you can get are broken bones, pulled muscles, etc. but nothing too serious. but if your beginning you can wear pads because you will fall down a lot but in the end it is worth it because figure skating is so much is even you are just learning or not its just fun all around.

Why does the ice have to be polished for ice skating?

If the ice is to rough and skaters are doing jumps and spins. They are more likely to fall as the ice is bumpy They use a zamboni. and skates can get caught in cracks and mess up the whole rutine when there preforming.

What regulations do figure skaters have to go by?

The International Skating Union, or ISU, regulates the sports of figure skating and speed skating. In figure skating, the ISU establishes required elements for figure skaters' programs, appropriate costume and music choices, and the scheduling and organization of ISU-sanctioned skating competitions. ISU-qualified judges evaluate skaters' performances, giving them a technical score and a grade for "program components." which was formerly known as the "artistic merit" (or "artistic impression") score. The current judging system is extremely complex, and to the casual fan it is not easily understood. Many TV commentators do not adequately explain the reasons why, for example, a skater can fall and still win a competition. The GOE, or Grade of Execution, is the factor which determines how well or poorly each skater or skaters execute each element. Programs with more difficult content are usually judged higher than those that do not, and they also have a slight margin for error. The ISU handbook for the Technical Panel alone is over 100 pages long. There is a brief version online which includes color photographs for each element as well as detailed descriptions of what the judges are looking for. This is very instructive, and is designed for those judges assigned to count numerous items, including the number of revolutions in spins, determining whether the takeoff of a jump was cheated, whether a lift was held too long and so on. Then it is up to the program component panel to decide on a GOE based on an element's meeting, exceeding, or falling short of its baseline value. The two scores are combined to provide a ranking for each phase of a competition, with the scores from both phases added to form the total score. Figure skating is a closely monitored, heavily regulated sport. Countless other rules and regulations govern figure skating, many of which have nothing to do with what the average spectators see on the ice.

How are the figure skaters judged?

Figure skaters are judged by how flawlessly they preform their artistic movements, and also if they followed their original routine or not. They are judged on how in sync they are to the chosen music, and if they are in pairs, how synchronized their spinning and jumping are. They are judged to see how many times they make a mistake or fall down, or touch their hands to the ice for too long. They are also judged by their movements and the attitude in the air.

What does pond skaters eat?

Mainly spiders and other insects that fall into the water

Why is balance needed in ice skating?

So that the person skating doesn´t fall down.

Is one likely to get their fingers cut while figure skating?

Not usually. Sometimes if you are doing things with other people, grabbing your own blades, or fall akwardly, you will get cut. I've been skating for 12 years and have only gotten cut once.

Why do people go ice skating?

Its a really fun activity and i love snow and rollor skating so ice skating is my favorite thing to do in the winter! ( and fall!).

What do you need to take to figure skating lessons?

1. Skates (usually jacksons work for beginers try using one with a smaller rocker and toe-pick) 2. Leggings or Sweat Pants to wear over your tights or stockings3. Gloves: the thin magic gloves do not use thick gloves since when you jump/spin the thick lining will prevent you from using your hands.4. Tights: These are optional to wear under your pants or you can just wear long FIGURE SKATING stockings or soccer socks don't wear ankle socks or thin stockings otherwise you will get blisters and they hurt and take forever to go away.5. A jacket this is optional depending how cold you get. If this is your first lesson then you might want to wear a north-face like jacket but not a heavy winter jacket because this could slow your movement and stability on the ice. However, most figure skaters don't wear them.6. Pads: if you think that you might fall a lot foam pads which can be bought at figure skating stores they usually sell them for your butt, hips, and knees. Also if you think you might fall on your head, you should wear a helmut until you get better and are sure you won't fall on your head.Have fun at your figure skating lessons!Skatergirl321 :D

Do ice skaters learn how to fall?

Yes. They learn it in certain tricks so they don't get hurt.