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physical exam

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Q: When does your doctor check your breasts for breast cancer?
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If one of your breasts is sore when you are thirteen do you have breast cancer?

If the soreness persists, check in with a doctor. Possibly might be an infection.

Can a sore under your breast be breast cancer?

It can be cancer but just to make sure it isn't check with the doctor

Why do girls have to show their breasts to the doctors?

to help check for breast cancer and other health problems regarding the breast

What does it mean to have full sore breasts?

If you are not pregnant, you may have a breast infection or other condition. Check with your doctor.

How can someone know if they have cancer?

You could go to your doctor, or/and set up an appointment. The most common cancer for women, is breast cancer. So you should get your doctor to show you how to ''massage'' your breast untill you find a clump. the clump does not have to be cancer, but you should always consider to do a check

What is the breast cancer looks likes?

Check related links for the pictures of breast cancer cell, mammogram of breast with breast cancer, and a picture of a breast with breast cancer symptoms.

Why is having a mammagram important?

Mammograms check your breasts for breast cancer.

How old do you have to be to get your breasts checked?

You can have a doctor examine your breasts at any age. If you feel there is something about your breasts that is bothering you, don't hesitate to ask your doctor to check them out. They will be able to tell you if your breasts are normal, or if they need further evaluation.If you are asking about what is the age that a woman begins annual mammary exams looking for breast cancer, then it would depend on the particular person's medical history.

How old do you need to be check to help prevent breast cancer?

Checking your breasts won't prevent breast cancer, but it may help with early diagnosis and treatment. If you've got breasts, you're not too young or too old to familiarize yourself with how your breasts normally look and feel. Monthly breast self exams are a good way to do that. If you find a lump, don't jump to conclusions - most breast lumps are noncancerous - but report breast changes and lumps to your doctor so you can find out for sure. Guidelines have changed from time to time. Currently, The American Cancer Society recommends yearly mammograms beginning at age 40; and clinical breast exams every three years in your 20s and 30s, and every year after age 40. Women at high risk for breast cancer may need to begin cancer screening earlier. Consult with your doctor.

How do you know if you have breast cancer?

Lump(s) will appear on your breasts. The lumps can come in all sizes, so if you notice any bumps on the outer skin of your breast(s), call your doctor and let him/her check you out; it's the most reasonable thing to do. Cancer can also makes you very tired and the body can ache like a infection. please support it...............Feel around your breast, squeeze a tiny bit, and feel around for a lump, if there is one, there is a chance you do have cancer. If you find one, dont freak out, it might not even be cancer. Just go to your doctor and let him check it out, then they might do blood tests to make sure.

How does a girl get a physical?

The girl gets weighed, measured, pees into a urine cup, asked about prior illnesses, checks her blood pressure and pulse, listens to her heart and lungs, the doctor feels her breasts for lumps (Breast Cancer check).

How can you tell whether a bump is a sign of breast cancer or of your neurofibromitosis?

Breast cancer is a scary thing for both women and some men. You must screen for breast cancer frequently. You should feel your breast for lumps and check for any nipple discharge or strange symptoms. see a doctor regularly.

You family history have breast cancer can you have the cancer?

Some forms of breast cancer are hereditary. So if a lot of women in your family have had breast cancer, you should go to a doctor to go check it out. If you reach 35-40 years, you should get checked up regularly anyway. If you're scared you might get it, go see a doctor. He will be able to tell you more than we can. good luck!

What is breast self examination?

To poke, prod and squeeze the breasts to check for lumps. A lump may be cancer, and the sooner it's discovered, the better the chances for survival are.

How can a woman check for breast cancer?

You can get a mamaogram, or do a self check

What is the use of a biopsy for the breast?

The use of a biopsy for the breast is to check for cancer. Women are at a very high risk for breast cancer and a biopsy is a way to prevent the cancer in an early stage.

Why a repeat mammogram?

To see if you have breast cancer or anything eles; why go to the doctor for annual check up?

How do you check breasts for lumps?

Stick your thumb in your anus. If lumps pop up on your breasts then you have cancer.

Catch Breast Cancer Early ?

Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of women each year. Many survive the disease and subsequent treatment but others are too late in being diagnosed and are not fortunate enough to receive a good prognosis when dealing with their breast cancer. This disease is a tricky one because it often does not have any symptoms. Women look for signs of breast cancer on a regular basis, but many women experience no symptoms at all. Those that do experience symptoms may have a better chance of being diagnosed earlier, which means a better chance of survival. Even when you have a lump in your breast, which is the most telling sign that you are facing breast cancer, it may be too small for you to feel during a routine self breast exam. When a lump is noticeable in the breast, one that is rough, jagged around the edges and hard to touch is likely cancer. However, even if you notice a soft, rounded lump it is not necessarily benign; some women have felt this type of lump only to be diagnosed as breast cancer by a doctor. Anytime you notice any sort of lump in your breast you should have your doctor check you for cancer. The American Cancer Society encourages women to be on the lookout for symptoms such as swelling in any portion of the breast, dimpling or irritation of the skin on the breast, pain in the breast and/or a lump in the area under the arm. Each of these symptoms is indicative of breast cancer and should be followed up on with a doctor immediately. In addition, there are several ways your nipples will let you know if you are suffering from breast cancer. Should your nipples begin turning inward or become painful, turn red or scaly or begin to thicken or if they are excreting anything other than breast milk you should have your breasts checked by your doctor immediately. The earlier breast cancer is caught, the better. Early stage breast cancer is easier to treat than cancer in a later stage, which means your chance of surviving breast cancer is far greater.

Where can one find information regarding femera and breast cancer?

The best place to find information on femera and breast cancer would be on the official cancer site. Or check out the official breast cancer specific site which should have information on links to cancer.

My breasts have been aching for two days and they have never hurt before my period also stomach cramping a little dizzy what can that be?

You may have a breast infection. Check in with your doctor.

Is it necessary to check vagina fo breast problem?

No. You should check the vagina for vagina problems. You should check the breasts for breast problems.

Should you be concerned you might have breast cancer if you press your breast tip and get a white-colored substance just like milk?

If the fluid only appears when breasts are squeezed and you are not lactating, then it is less likely that it is caused by cancer. If the fluid is clear and like an egg-white, colored or bloody, only on one side, and leaks without squeezing then it must be checked as these are cancer signs. In any case, get the doctor to check it as it is better to be safe than sorry, and ask at the same time to be taught breast self-examination if you are not already familiar with it.

Why milk on my breast and am not pregnant?

It can be from your diet or from any medications that you are taking. It could possibly be from stimulation of the glands (from reasons that don't really need to be mentioned) from a significant other. Also, make sure to do a self-check of your breasts. It's usually not a sign, but random discharge from your breasts could be a sign of cancer. You can schedule mammograms, too, and refer to a doctor if worried.

How to Recognize the Early Signs of Breast Cancer?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed female cancer in the United States. Unfortunately, it is also one of the deadliest. This is why women must know how to recognize the early warning signs of breast cancer. Breast cancer is not always an easy type of cancer to distinguish. Sufferers don�t usually feel ill or exhibit very obvious signs that something is wrong. Usually the most obvious sign is a change or small lump in the breast. In order to check for breast cancer, women need to get in the habit of giving themselves regular breast exams. Not only should women knead their breast tissue, but they should also check for irregularities under their arms and around their breasts. Any lump in the breast area should be taken as a sign to get checked by a doctor. Women should also check for swollen lymph nodes under the arms and areas where the breast tissue feels thicker than the surrounding tissue. Women should also be aware of any changes in the appearance and texture of their nipples. Sometimes breast cancer will cause the nipples to appear red and swollen and the texture of the nipples may change. Women that experience a change in skin texture will usually notice that their nipples have taken on the texture of an orange peel. In some cases, the nipple may even become inverted, flat, and/or begin releasing discharge. Another sign of breast cancer is a change in the appearance of the breasts. A woman may notice that her breast has changed shape, become swollen, or become dimpled. The breasts may also feel warm, swollen, or itchy. While most women would not automatically associate these symptoms with breast cancer, these can be signs of something very serious. Many women are under the impression that breast cancer always shows up as a lump in the breast. In many cases, this is a fairly accurate assumption. However, there are many other signs that women should be aware of. Any changes or discomfort in the nipples or breasts should be taken seriously. In order to protect yourself against breast cancer, it�s important to schedule regular mammograms, as well as learn how to recognize the early signs of this deadly disease.