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Q: When does theroyal unova sails?
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What is the capacity of theRoyal festival hall?

2,900 plus a max of 40 standing

What unova pokedex number is victini?

it is unova dex #000.

Where is unova city in Pokemon white?

dude unova is the region not a city

Who is the three legendary in unova?

the legendary trio of unova are Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion

What sails are square?

Square sails are referred to as four-cornered sails.

Lanteen sails were triangular these sails were square?

Square sails are square

How do you get to the Unova region in PokΓ©mon Black?

You're already in the Unova region in Pokémon Black. The region that Pokémon Black takes place in is the Unova region.

Which Pokemon does ash start with in unova?

Ash starts with Pikachu, though his first Unova Pokemon was Pidove, and the first Unova starter he received was Oshawott.

Can you get bonsly on Pokemon black?

No because , the unova region has different qualities and settings. so you can only catch unova pokemon. but there is a cheat to get celabi to unova.

What is a sails man?

someone who sails.

What times can you get on the royal unova in Pokemon black?

You can get on the Royal Unova during the early evening.

How many new Pokemon are in Unova?

Including Genesect:-155 Pokemon in the Unova region.

If La-teen sails were triangular which type of sails are square?

Square sails (rectangular) were (are) called four-cornered sails.

Why are the sails on sailboats white?

Not all of the sails are white only sails made out if Dacron are white. But sails made out of carbon are black.

Why are ropes on yachts called sheets?

No , the sails are called the sheets. Wrong - the sails are called SAILS. The control lines to the sails are sheets.

If lateen sails were triangular which type of sails were square?

They were referred to as "four-cornered" sails.

Who sails the seas?

the captain sails the seas

What do sails eat?

Sails eat wind,

Where can you find a wild snivy in the unova region?

You cannot find a wild Snivy in the Unova region.

Can you go to Unova in Pokemon AshGray?

No, you cannot go to Unova in Pokémon AshGray.

What is the Unova Guidebook about?


Lateen sails were triangular these sails were square?

Trapezoidal, actually. But the square sails were called square sails. Lateen or square could be referred to as yards.

What sails were square?

"Four-cornered" sails were (are) square.

What Pokemon is Ash's egg in the unova region?

In the Unova arc of the anime, Ash's egg hatches into a Scraggy.

Were do you find the lava cookie on the royal unova in pokemon white?

Defeat all the trainers on the royal unova