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The AP Poll is published at Noon Eastern on Sunday afternoons during the College Football season.

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Q: When does the weekly AP college football poll come out?
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When do college football polls come out?

The first college football polls come out weeks before the start of each season. The AP poll has been running since 1936.

What year did the BCS poll enter college football?


What are the standard lengths of college football poll?

There is no such thing as standard lengths of college football poll. College Football Poll is the name of the portal and there, one can find the history of the sport from its beginning up to now. Maybe, what is meant here is the length or size of the ball which is 10-7/8 to 11-7/16" (long axis).

What time does the AP college football poll release?

not yet still waiting

What college football team is rank number 3 at ap poll?


What college football team is ranked number one in the AP poll?


What ranking is Alabama in for college football for 2011?

bama is ranked #2 in bcs poll

Who votes in the AP college football poll?

60 people vote in the AP Poll each week. The voters are sports writers and broadcasters who have extensive history covering college football. The voters change every year and are invited by the Associated Press.

Where do the Iowa Hawkeyes Rank?

number 11 in the AP poll, but number ! in my eyes.

What was the national college football rank in 1960 for Missouri Tigers?

The 1960 Missouri Tigers finished 5 in the final AP Poll; while the UPI poll has them #4.

What is the USA Today Coaches' Poll?

The USA Today Coaches Poll ranks NCAA basketball teams, football teams, and college baseball and basketball teams. Fifty-nine coaches contribute to the Poll which began in 1950.

Which school spent over 60 weeks in the AP TOP 10 college football poll from 2002-07?


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