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The soccer ball reaches its top speed of about 75 mph 1 second after being hit.

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Q: When does soccer ball reach top speed?
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What is the top speed of a soccer ball?


What is the average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by David Beckham?

The average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by David Beckham is under 91 miles per hour. His top speed was recorded at 97 miles per hour while the top speed ever recorded was about 138 miles per hour.

What speeds can a soccer ball travel at top speed?

Hami from Trabzonspor (Turkey): 165.284 miles per hour

Does location at where a soccer ball is hit affect speed?

Yes because if you hit the top of the ball it won't go very fast, but if you hit the bottom or the middle if the ball it will go faster.

How fast does a soccer ball travel when kicked at top speed?

the fastest soccer kick reaches 120MPH! an average kick reaches up to 85-90MPH. Hope this helped!

What is the top speed a sailfish can reach?


What is the top speed a hare can run at?

A Hare can reach a top speed of 72km/h (45mph)

How fast can horse reach top speed?

race horses can reach 30mph+

Importance of the earth crust?

Because the earths head is a round ball that makes it a soccer ball and the top of the soccer ball is where we live,, Also Erin is so AWESOME!

How does Bernoulli's principle apply when a soccer ball is kicked in a way that makes the ball spin?

If you kick the the ball at the top it's lower wind higher pressure and if you kick it at the bottom you get highter wind speed and lower pressure

How long does it take the cheetah to reach top speed?

It takes at least 3 seconds for them to reach there full speed.

What are attackers in soccer?

Forwards, people at the top who kick off the ball

Is a soccer ball on top of the touch line out of play?

No, the ball must completely cross the line to be out of play.

Top speed of a horse in a moment of time?

A Horse Can Reach It's Top Speed At 45 miles An Hour, How Cool Is That?!

What is the top speed of a ttr250?

A stock Yamaha TTR250 with 14/44 gearing can reach a top speed of 87mph or 143kph.

What is top speed of a horse mph?

A horse can reach up to about 43 to 44 miles per hour at top speed.

What is the top speed on a dodge challenger srt8?

They can reach top speeds of 170 MPH.

A ball rolling down an incline has its minimum speed?

The minimum speed for a ball rolling down an incline occurs near the top. Gravity will speed the ball up as it travels down.

What is a shoelace kick in soccer?

when you kick the ball on the top of your foot between your toes and ankle, on top of your shoe laces

What is the top speed of a 110cc ATV?

a 110cc ATV can reach about 32mph

How do you reach top speed of 200mph in a smart car?

hah you wish.

How long does it take for the aeroplane to reach its top speed?

the fastest 1

What is the best way to kick a soccer ball?

It should be with your front feet and not the top as the ball will go sailing over the net.

Why is Lexus stalling at high speed 1994?

It has a top speed limiter. Once you reach that speed it will shut the engine off

What is the top speed of a yz85?

A yz85 is cosidered the fastest and most aggressive 85 on the market. It can reach a top speed of 64 mile per our

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