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It starts around September and October.

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Q: When does barclays premier league begin in 2010?
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Who won the barclays premier league in 2010?

Chelsea Football Club won the Barclays Premier League in the 2009/10 season

Who was 18th in the Barclays premier league 2009-2010?

It was Burnley.

When won the Barclays premier league 2010-2011?

Manchester United won the premier league in the 2010-2011 season.

When does 2010-2011 Premier League start?

14 August 2010! The 2010-11 Premier League (known as the Barclays Premier League for sponsorship reasons) will be the nineteenth season of the Premier League since its establishment in 1992. The draw for the 2010-11 fixtures will take place on 17 June at 10am. The season will begin on 14 August 2010. Source:

Who is the fastest runner in Barclays Premier League 2010?

Theo Walcott =D

Who won the Barclays premier league in 2010-11 season?

Manchester United, which was their 19th English title.

When does the 2010 2011 premier league season begin?

August 14, 2010

When does the 2009 2010 English premier league season end?

The 2009-10 Barclays Premier League season ends on May 10th,2010.The season ends one month before the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in South Africa.

Who was the highest paid player in the 2010 - 2011 season of the Barclays Premier League?

The league's highest paid player is Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, on £250,000 a week.

Who were the joint top scorers in the 2010-11 Barclays Premier League?

The top scorer for the year were Carlos tevez and and Dimitrov Berbatov with 20 goals.

Who are the only team in the Barclays Premier League not to have been awarded a penalty this season?

Everton has not been awarded a penalty during the season of 2010/11.

Was the winner of the English Premier League in 2010?

Chelsea was the winner of the English Premier League in 2010.

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