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When the Umpiring crew chief calls "Play Ball"

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Q: When does a Baseball game start?
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Why did baseball start?

Because, a few people decided to start a new game, and thus, baseball.

Number of players necessary to start a baseball game?

in MLB a team must start the game with 9 players or they forfeit the game

Did baseball start in the year of 1907?

No. The first recorded baseball game in the US was in 1846. Click on the 'First Baseball Game' link on this page to read a little about it.

What is a complete game in baseball?

When a starting pitcher pitches a game from start to finish he is credited a complete game.

How many people start on a baseball game?

9 people

How many players are required to start a baseball game?


When did the game of baseball start?

Abner Doubleday invented baseball in 1839. baseball came to the United states in the 1860's.

Who start off pitching first in the baseball game in twilight?


What time does the 2009 Baseball All Star game start?

8pm EDT / 5pm PDT The game will be on Fox.

How do you get your dad to take you to your boyfriends baseball game?

Ok here's what you do spend the whole day with your dad and at the middle of the day tell hem you want to go see a baseball game and then mention the baseball game. And if you really want see your boy friend and say hi after the game, start pointing out he to your dad and start saying stuff like oh look at that guy and like he's really good.

How many baseballs do they start a professional baseball game with?

They start out a game with tons and tons of baseballs. They have to be ready for foul balls, home runs, they even replace ground balls

What is the best 12 game start ever by a team in Major League Baseball?

11 -1

How long does batting practice start before a baseball game?

The gates to the field open up about an hour before the start of the game. The visiting team starts bp first with the home team next.

What r educational requirements for a baseball player?

None If you want proof start watching after-game interviews.

Where may you get Major League Baseball autographs?

at a card show public appearance or before the start of a game

Cal ripken youth baseball rules?

Can a pitcher re-enter the game as the pither if he did not start the game. He pitched the 3rd inning and the sixth? Thanks Steve

What happens when baseball World Series game is dalayed due to rain?

If the game cannot be finished that day due to rain, the game will be resumed the next possible day, and will start were the game was left off. The game will be played to it's completion.

What are starters in baseball?

Starters are the same in all sports, they are the group who gets more playing time and start the game.

When did Lou Gehrig start playing Major League baseball?

Lou Gehrig's first Major League baseball game was on June 15, 1923.

What is then number of baseballs on hand at the start of a baseball game?

72 baseballs

What is the record for consecutive hits to start a baseball game?

Tonight 9/8/09 Cubs broke the record..... they led off the game with 8 straight hits!

When do the playoffs start for Major League Baseball?

The 2010 Major League Baseball playoffs start on Wednesday, October 6. Game one of the ALDS and NLDS will be played on that day. Game one of the ALCS will be played on Friday, October 15 while NLCS game one will be played on Saturday, October 16. Game One of the World Series will begin on Wednesday, October 27.

How hard is baseball?

It's not hard at all. It is defiantly easier the younger you start. Once you learn to throw the ball correctly, and hit the baseball, and learn the sport, you can play the game!

In fantasy baseball what determines a Quality Start?

A Quality Start is any game in which the starter pitches 6 innings or more while giving up 3 or fewer ER.

What happens if a baseball game has started and then it rains?

If a basketball has started and it start raining some people will leave and some will stay.