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6 pm

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Q: When does Super bowl 42 begin Eastern Time Zone?
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What time zone is Atlanta on?

Eastern Time Zone.

What time is the super bowl game scheduled to start in pacific time zone?

Three hours before the time it is scheduled to start in the Eastern time zone.

Where does the Eastern Time Zone begin and end?

The Eastern Time zone encompasses a total of 17 states. It begins in the state of Indiana and proceeds across the country ending in the state of Maine.

What time zone are you in?

=Eastern Time Zone=

What is Vermont's eastern time zone?

Vermont is in the Eastern Time Zone. The Atlantic Time Zone is east of the Eastern Time Zone. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are in the Atlantic Time Zone.

What time did Super Bowl XLVIII begin in Ontario Canada?

Super Bowl XLVIII kicked off at 6:32 pm Eastern time. Ontario, Canada falls into this time zone and also includes New Jersey, where the game was played.

Is Florida in the eastern time zone?

Yes, Florida is in the eastern time zone.

What is the time zone just east of the eastern time zone?

In Canada and in the Caribbean, the first time zone east of the Eastern Time Zone is the Atlantic Time Zone. Atlantic Time is one hour ahead of Eastern Time.

What time is 9am pacific time in Eastern time zone?

When it is 9 am in the Pacific Time Zone, it is noon in the Eastern Time Zone.

Eastern time zone vs central time zone?

One hour. 10 AM Central Time = 11 AM Eastern Time

If you are in the Central Time Zone what is the time difference for the Eastern Time Zone?

The Central Time Zone is one hour earlier than the Eastern Time Zone

What is the Time zone to the right of the eastern time zone?

The time zone to the right of the eastern time zone is AST (Atlantic Standard Time) which is UTC - 4

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