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half court

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Q: When do you use a smash shot in badminton?
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Why do you use a smash shot in badminton?

you will need a smash shot in badminton so that he can't hit it coz' it is powerful

What is a drop in badminton?

"controlled smash" shot

Basic skills in badminton?

smash shot, drop shot, over head clear

What are some Names of badminton strokes?

clear, drop shot, net shot, smash

Is a net lift a attacking or deffensive shot in badminton?

Any kind of lift is a defensive shot in badminton as it gives your opponents the opportunity to play a smash or other attacking shot.

How effective is the smash shot in badminton?

If it's played well, very effective.

What is a smash shot in badminton?

It's a hard-hit overhead shot that forces the shuttle sharply downward.

What is smash in badminton?

The smash in badminton is a shot which you play when you hit the shuttlecock really hard and it lands on the opposite side.It's the most aggressive shot in badminton - the technique is very similar to serving in tennis or throwing a ball overarm.To learn about how to smash please see the related link.The smash is the most aggressive shot in badminton. The technique for smashing is very similar to serving in tennis or throwing a ball overarm.To learn more about smashing, have a look at the related link.

What are the strokes in badminton?

Basic shots in Badminton are: High Serve, Low Serve, Overhead Clear, Underarm Clear, Net shot, Smash, Drop Shot

What qualifies as a badminton smash?

A badminton smash is generally classified as a very powerful shot in which the player raises the racket above his or her head and delivers a slightly downward shot. The shuttlecock should then land with force in the opponent's territory.

What are the Sport lingo in badminton?

smash,rally expedile,high clear,drop shot

Name all shots in badminton?

Overhead clear smash jump smash drop shot drive net shot slice serve (low serve, flick serve)

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