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i would say shift in corners

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Q: When do you shift the gear on a 1000cc bike?
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If a three speed bike gear shift will not shift from first to second gear what would be the cause?

Cable too slack.

What is meant by being in Top Gear and bottom gear on a bike?

being in top gear means you cant shift no more and means your going fast as your bike will allow and by bottom gear you mean low gear which means your in lowest gear possible.

Why won't Honda 50cc dirt bike shift into any gear?

User Error!

How do you shift a dirt bike?

You shirt up to go to the next gear, than down do down shirt.

What does 1000rr stand for?

1000cc displacement race ready performance bike.

How do you use a cluch on a dirt bike?

the first thing you do is you start the bike than you pull the clutch than click the gear shift down with your left foot. Then you carefully let out the clutch slowly until it is all the way out. How to use the gear shift- When you click the gearshift down it puts the bike into gear 1 than flick it up than it is gear two ect. to get in to neutral flick it down until gear one than flick it up half way.

How do you know the best cc bike?

yamaha r1...the 1 stands for 1000cc

What is the fastest gear on a motorbike?

Your top gear or last gear you shift to. Depending on what make and model of your bike, either 4th or 5th on motocross bikes and for woods bikes it would be 5th or 6th.

What is 4 down 1 up on a dirt bike?

That is a shift pattern, only problem is your pattern would be 1 down and 4 up. From neutral position, you click the shift lever down to go into first gear, then each time you shift you will click one position (gear) up at a time until you are in 5th gear.

How much is insurance for a 1000cc bike for a 17 year old?

get a qoute from the insurance website

What are the two d's on the gear shift for?

What are the two d's on the gear shift for>

How fast does a Honda cbr 1000cc go in first gear?

124 miles an hour

Shift from first to second gear?

Yep, then shift from second to third gear.

How do you shift on a dirt bike?

Well most dirt bikes i have seen the gears are like this 5 4 3 2 N 1 To shift gears on a dirt bike if you have a manual transmission if you are in neutral pull in clutch and go down on shifter then reach top speed in gear 1 and shift up etc... (note: if your dirt bike is slowing down if you shifted up then shift up again)

Why shift gears on a bike when going up hill?

You need to shift gears on a bike when going up a hill because if you have a gear too high, it will become harder and you will eventually become tired. On a lower gear will help you because it will be easier.Tip: If you see a hill start peddling really fast to get a head start so it will not be that hard!

How do you work the gears on a bike with 24 inch wheels?

Depends more on what type of gears that you have than it does on the size of the wheels. If the gear levers are the same type as on a bigger bike the 24 inch bike will shift just the same way.

When gear shift won't move?

truck start shift is hard to move in gear

What is the difference between a gear bike and a mountain bike?

I have no idea what you mean by "gear bike", so the question can't be answered.

Where is the Vehicle Identification number on dirt bikes?

on the side of the engine case on the side with the gear shiftAnsweron the side of the engine case on the side with the gear shift Find the VIN number stamped on your frame.The VIN is located on the front part of your bike just below the bars.

When did Top Gear Hyper Bike happen?

Top Gear Hyper Bike happened in 2000.

Want shift to third gear or drive?

No thanks, I do not want to shift to 3rd gear or drive.

Shift lever will not lock into a gear?

700r4 gear shift lever want lock in place

Why is the gear shifter hard to shift into each gear on a 2000 intrepid?

The shift cable has failed.

Is there a mongoose bike that is BMX but has a gear shift?

I am looking for one too. This is all I found, I don't know the name of the bike. It might be custom made?

What are the shift patterns on a cr125 dirt bike?

what are the shift patterns on a Honda cr 125 dirt bike