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Generally, only when there are no runners on base. However, you could also pitch from the windup when there is a runner only on third base, or on 2nd and 3rd, or when the bases are loaded. Pitching from the windup can be a problem with a runner on third because this will allow the runner to get a longer lead off the base than the lead the runner will get when the pitcher pitches from the stretch.

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Q: When do you pitch from the windup?
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What does out of the stretch mean in baseball?

its a shorter pitching motion than the windup, you usually "pitch form the stretch" when there are runners on base

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Can the pitcher remove the ball from his glove and return it before he releases the pitch?

Yes, during the windup, so long as it's his normal pitching style. There are many pitchers who tap the inside of their glove with the ball prior to winding up for the pitch. It must be done in such a way as to not cause deception to the batter or umpire. Before the windup and with runners on base, the pitcher cannot do so. When he is standing in the Set position, he must hold the ball with both hands and come to a complete stop before going into the windup. At this time, he may not take the ball out of the glove.

What is a legal windup for a youth fast pitch softball pitcher is there a rulebook i can reference?

Reference any rulebook for a sanctioning body such as ASA, USSSA, USFA and there are many others as well.

Do you have to pitch if you toe the rubber?

"Toe the rubber" is not an official baseball term, so I'm going to guess that you're using this term to mean when the pitcher assumes the windup position. If so, the answer to your question is "No." Once the pitcher assumes the windup position (or the set position), he/she has three options: 1) pitch; 2) throw to a base (in an attempt to pick off a runner); 3) step off the pitcher's plate (rubber). Rule 8.01 covers this and is quoted in the Discussion section for this question.

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How can you pitch faster?

Try having a higher leg kick during your windup. Also, make sure you push off of the rubber and once your separate your glove and the hand with the baseball tuck your glove in with your body.

What is a balk in softball?

A balk is when a pitcher does his/her windup but does not actually pitch the ball. It usually occurs by accident that the ball slips out of your hand the wrong way or something to that affect. Therefore it fakes out the batter resulting as a ball.

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What is pitching from the stretch?

Pitching from the stretch occurs when there are runners on base. When there are no runners on base the pitcher will use a full windup to throw the ball. In other words, once the pitcher starts the windup he does not stop before throwing the ball. But when there are runners on base, the pitcher will start a windup and then stop and look at the baserunners in an attempt to keep them close to the base before he throws. When the pitcher stops to look at the runners, this is called the stretch position.

What does 'working out of the stretch' for a pitcher mean?

When there are no runners on base, pitchers take a "full windup", which usually entails a lot of motion with the legs and arms; it takes a relatively long time for this windup to take place and the ball to be released. When there are runners on base, they are allowed to steal the next base and could easily do so if the pitcher takes his full windup. So to counter-act that, pitchers "work out of the stretch," which means they stand with their back foot parallel and adjacent to the pitching rubber. After getting their signal from the catcher you will see them bring the ball to their glove and come to a stop before pitching. From this position they can quickly throw to the base where the runner is to make sure they aren't getting too big of a leadoff. And when they do pitch the ball they just take a fairly quick step forward and fire the pitch. This step is much faster than the rocking motion they use when in the "windup" and therefore there gives much less time for the runner to steal a base. Many relief pitchers will always "work from the stretch" even without runners on base. Since they come into the game with runners on base often, trying to keep consistent with two different pitching deliveries isn't worth it.