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At the end of the first game the receiver shall become the server and the server, the receiver. Players will switch sides after each odd numbered game, i.e. 1, 3, 5.

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Q: When do you change sides in tennis?
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Where do you change sides after the tiebreak in tennis?

Something is the answer.

Do you change sides after a tie breaker in tennis?

You would change sides because the score becomes odd after a tiebreak.

Tennis when change courts between sets?

After each game in a set, players change sides.

When do you change places in tennis?

After each point. Then after 2 games you switch sides.

Should tennis players change sides of the court when the set score is five to four?

Yes. Players change sides after an odd number of total games.

How many times do tennis players change sides in a match?

They change after the first game of a set, then after that it is after every two games

Do professional tennis players swap sides on the tennis court?


Why do you change sides in tennis?

To make the match fair. If one player had the side with no sun they would have the predominate advantage.

Is a tennis net higher on the sides than in the middle?

It is higher on the sides.

What is Tennis For Two?

If you are playing tennis and there is one person on both sides of the court it is called singles. If there are two people on both sides of the court it is called doubles.

Do the players switch sides in tennis?

Yes, the players switch sides in tennis. Every odd game total is when players switch sides. For example, after the first game, players switch sides. This goes for after the third game, and so forth.

When do you alternate sides during a tennis match?

After every point.

In tennis when do teams switch sides of the net?

they feel like it

What is it called in tennis when both sides score 3 times?


How did Serena change the world?

she played tennis

Why did Arthur Ashe play tennis?

to change the world

How did Serena Williams change the world?

she played tennis

Can a switch hitter change sides during an at bat?

Yes you can change sides at any time during your at bat.

What is an ally in tennis?

An ally (pronounced aahl-eye) is your tennis partner in doubles.An ally (pronounced aahl-ee) is the area in doubles tennis that looks like two giant strips on both sides of the tennis court. Both of those 'strips' are called allies.

Does change in temperature effect the durability of tennis strings?

yes it does

How often should you change tennis racquet's?

As soon as I can afford

When do you change ends on a tennis court?

when the number of games are odd

How often change linesmen in tennis?

after every seven games

When does the serve change side in a tennis match?

after every point

When can a tennis doubles team change the order of serving?

After 1game