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When you think you can outrun the pitcher to first base and have no one already on a base (it could result very quickly in a double-out).

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Q: When do you bunt in baseball?
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What kind of sport is bunt?

Well, if you mean What sport do you bunt in? Then it's Baseball.

How do you bunt in MVP baseball 2005 for the GameCube?

You hold The Bat In Front Of you hen U Bunt it

Can you bunt in little league baseball?


What is a shortened hit in baseball?


Are you allowed to bunt in baseball?


What sports does the term bunt belong to?


What is it called when a baseball player is on third base and the player batting hits a bunt and the player on third steals home?

sacrifice bunt

What is the base on a base for?

If a baseball tern, this means a bunt.

What is a diamond ploy?

A "diamond ploy" would be a bunt in baseball.

What is fluke bunt?

fluke bunt is a fluke bunt

What does the S in baseball hitters' box scores refer to?

Sacrifice bunt

What is a batted ball tapped slowly within the infield in baseball?


What does bunt mean?

bunt : to strike or push with horns or head, same as "butt" It can also mean to hit a baseball without swinging the bat, but I don't think that is what you're looking for!

What is a bunt in softball?

the same as baseball- you put the bat out in front of you and make the bat meet the ball and try to softly hit the ball to advance runners or suprize bunt for a hit

What is bunt in baseball?

A bunt is when you do not swing the bat, rather you move the bat about mid-chest, and let the ball's velocity do all the damage. Baseball players do this because it allows them to have a better control on the location the ball lands in. Often it is used as a sacrifice for a run.

What is a bunt bake?

this is a bunt cake.

What does sac mean in baseball?

Sac stands for sacrifice bunt.

How do you bat on 2K9 Major League Baseball?

You press X to hit and circle to bunt

Is a slap bunt that goes foul on the third strike a out?

Any bunt that goes foul on a third strike is an out, so long as the umpire rules it a bunt. If the batter crosses legs to attempt a slap bunt, it will be ruled a bunt.

What is sacrifice in baseball?

If you are referring to a sacrifice bunt, it is a play in which they may need to move a runner on first to second to get him into scoring position. They bunt the ball and force them to throw to first to get the batter out while they get the baserunner to second base.

What is a sacrifice bunt?

Official baseball rule 10.09 (a) Score a sacrifice bunt when, before two are out, the batter advances one or more runners with a bunt and is put out at first base, or would have been put out except for a fielding error. (b) Score a sacrifice bunt when, before two are out, the fielders handle a bunted ball without error in an unsuccessful attempt to put out a preceding runner advancing one base.

When did Darrell Bunt die?

Darrell Bunt died in 1977.

How do you bunt in a game of baseball or softball?

well you bend your knees a little bit and then you hold your bat in front of you.

How Do You Swing In PS2 major league Baseball?

all you have to do is hit x and hit square if you want to bunt.

Why do you bunt a softball?

You bunt to get on base, just like a hit. You also bunt to sacrifice in order to move runners on base.