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Major League Baseball has granted the Padres the right to wear the camo uniforms whenever they want, according to a local SD newscast. The Padres will wear them for military-related games.

FYI, the starting pitcher decides which uniform will be worn on game day.
Home: white jersey/white pants or alternate blue jersey/white pants
Away: sand jersey/sand pants or alternate blue jersey/sand pants

Since 2008, the Padres wear the camouflage uniforms every Sunday home game. They are worn with their sand colored away pants. They also wear them for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day regardless of wether they are home or away.

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The San Diego Padres wear the camo jerseys each Sunday home game at PETCO Park.

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they wear their brown jerseys in Thursday that's throwback Thursday

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Q: When do the san Diego padres wear their brown jerseys?
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