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Chicago Bears fly flags at half staff to honour the anyone that died during the service to their city or country, most recently this was done to honour the death of 19 fire fighters that died.

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Q: When do the Chicago Bears fly flags at half staff?
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Why are flags sometimes flown at half-staff?

Traditionally this is when someone dies

Why flags half staff today?

To mourn the death of a public official.

Why is the US government flying flags at half staff on April 15 2014?

The US government flag flying flags at half-staff on April 15, 2014 is in honor of Sergeant Timothy Wayne Owens who died during the Fort Hood shootings.

Who was the Half back of the 1985 Chicago Bears?

Walter payton

Who has authority to order American flags flown half staff?

Only the President or a state Governor can order when and for how long the American flag is to be flown at half-staff on government property.

What position did Walter Payton play on the Chicago Bears?

Running Back/ Half Back

Why was the flag it half mast on the 27th of August 2010?

We were told the son of a business man who owns KFC and Taco Bell was killed. The flags at these locations (N1) were at half staff.

How long are flags flown at half mast when a death occurs?

In the United States the flags are flown half-staff by order of the President for any amount of time he wishes. However by law 30 days after the death of a current or former president and 10 for vice presidents.

What is significance of displaying the flag half staff?

By convention flags are flown at half mast during a period of official mourning (e.g the death of a national leader or a for national tragedy). It is a mark of respect.

What American President ordered the American flags to be lowered at half-staff to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of George Washington?

President William Jefferson Clinton

Who can order the flag to beset at half staff on government buildings?

For State Government buildings the Governor can and in Michigan every time a Michigan citizen loses their life in the Iraq or Afghanistan Military conflict the flags are ordered Half Staff . It depends on whether you are talking Federal buildings

What is easy to remember to fly the flag at half-staff?

In memory of someone who has died that has served the country or done something nationally recognized. An event like 9-11 also can have a half mast flags.