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During the worst seasons of the year, which is all of them.....

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Q: When do football players train?
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How do football players train for football?

Get in shape.

Hours per week that epl players train?

The English Premiere League (EPL) has some of the best football players in the world. These players train at least 12 hours a week if not more.

Do football players have to train as ballerinas to get athletic enough to become an actual football player?

Ok thats a kinda odd question to ask. But sometimes they do. Hehe.... Ballerina football players! Ahhh ;D

How To train for walk on football players?

Consult your local physician for anabolic steroids or HGH

Do athletic football players have better lung capacity?

Not necessarily, you can train your lungs/breathing to do so.

How many hours do pro- football players train and how often?

2 or 3 hours a week

What are the responsibilities of a professional football player?

to be a role model to younger or less talented football players and they also have a dutie to play for their club and train when they they are asked

How do players make it to the NFL?

By entering the draft and a team choosing them. Usually all football players go to college and play football there. You declare eligibility for the NFL draft and train, visit teams, and train some more. It's really hard work, but when you are drafted you feel very accomplished.

What is the collective noun for football players?

The collective nouns are a squad of football players or a team of football players.

Do football players have train as a ballerina to get athletic enough to become an actual football player?

No they don't but it does help. Lynn Swann took ballet and look how great he was!

Are soccer players faster than football players?

Football players

How to get good players in galacticos football 2012?

Rather than spending RP on player upgrades and players spend it on increasing the level of players you can train, for example, you can buy the titanium and black trainers. This then puts titanium and black players on the transfer windows

Do English professional Football players get paid during the off season?

yes, because they may not play, but they still train, but not as often

Who makes more money wrestlers or football players?

Football players simple

In the US who makes more money football players or soccer players?

In America, football players. In England, soccer players.

How do i compare and contrast football players and baseball players?

Football players run more then baseball players.When football players score they get 6/7points.Baseball players get only 1/2/3/4points.

Who gets paid more baseball players or football players?


What are the duties of a Football Team Manager'?

Recruiting and selecting players, ensuring they train adequately, giving them suitable tactics for each game. Motivating players and ensuring a blend between teamwork and individual effort.

Do football players get hurt more than basketball players?

yes football players get more hurt than basketball players

How often do people train for football?

football train for 4 hours a day

Where do the Brazilian world cup football players train and play football?

As of now 26_05_2010 till the world cup ends, they would be practising in South Africa. However, otherwise they'd be with their respective clubs

Do football players with larger hands better at catching the football then football players with smaller hands?

Football ball players with larger hands, Larger hands means its less likely for the football to slip out, that and a strong group

How many players are on a football team during a game?

In the Canadian Football League, there are 12 players on the field for offense and defense. There are 11 players in NFL Football.

What did football players use?

(you need to elaborate on this question: What football players, and use for what?)

Who Get Paid More Basketball Players or Football Players?

Football get paid the most.