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when ur great at something or when ur a junoir or a senior

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Q: When do colleges send you letters?
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Is there a certain age to send things into colleges?

Usually you want to send things into colleges when you are a senior in high school, or around the ages of 18-20.

How often do you send dispute letters?

You send dispute letters until you have received the results you want.

Aeronautical engineering colleges in Singapore?

Please send me that where is Aeronautical engineering colleges in Singapore? Please give me the list of that colleges.

Can you send letters to people?

Yes, you can definetly send letters to people. It's called M-A-I-L.

When does Cornell University send acceptance letters?

Cornell University sends out their acceptance letters in or around the month of December. They will send the letters to the address they have on file for you.

Will YouTube send me letters?


How do you get friend on swapnote to send letters to?

you need to register friends on the friend list and then you will have the option to send them swapnote letters.

How safe was it to send letters?

Depending on the content and destination of the letters.

How do you send chain letters with cell phone?

write them then send them?

How many times do you send your high school transcripts to colleges Most colleges want them before midterm grades come out do you send them again after the new grades come out or not?

Your high school will submit your transcripts to the colleges and universities when you apply. Final transcripts will also be sent to the colleges.

Can you send letters to Mexico?

Yes Letters can be sent to nearly any where.

Can you send letters to Heaven?

No, you can't.