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The NHL season usually starts 3-4 months after the Stanley Cup final. Most of the time, the season starts in the beginning of October.

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Second week or so in September, the exact date varies from team to team by a day or two.

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Training camps will begin in the last week of July or the first week of August for the 2009 season. The following dates have been reported as of 6/15/09: Arizona Cardinals: To Be Announced

Atlanta Falcons: August 1

Baltimore Ravens: July 28

Buffalo Bills: July 25

Carolina Panthers: August 3

Chicago Bears: July 31

Cincinnati Bengals: July 31

Cleveland Browns: August 1

Dallas Cowboys: July 29

Denver Broncos: July 30

Detroit Lions: To Be Announced

Green Bay Packers: August 2

Houston Texans: July 31

Indianapolis Colts: August 2

Jacksonville Jaguars: To Be Announced

Kansas City Chiefs: August 1

Miami Dolphins: To Be Announced

Minnesota Vikings: July 31

New England Patriots: To Be Announced

New Orleans Saints: To Be Announced

New York Giants - July 25

New York Jets: To Be Announced

Oakland Raiders: July 29

Philadelphia Eagles: To Be Announced

Pittsburgh Steelers: To Be Announced

San Diego Chargers: July 31

San Fransisco 49ers: To Be Announced

Seattle Seahawks: To Be Announced

St. Louis Rams: July 29

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: August 1

Tennessee Titans: July 31

Washington Redskins: July 30

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Second week or so in September, the exact date varies from team to team by a day or two.

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It usually starts at the end of July

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Q: When do NFL training camps usually start?
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Is there much securty at NFL training camp?

Yes there is a great deal of security at NFL games and training camps.

How many players are on a practice squad nfl?

It used to be 80 players, but since the 2009 training camps it's been 90 players. They usually have to cut down to about 53 players in a season.

What do fans do at NFL training camps?

They watch practice, many also hope to meet players and aquire autographs.

Are there any NFL games in March 2009?

No, there are no NFL games ischeduled for March of 2009. The NFL does not play any games in the month of March. The last game of the 2008-2009 season is the 2009 Pro Bowl in Honolulu Hawai'i. The Pro Bowl is scheduled for February 8, 2009, a week after Super Bowl XLIII. The 2009-2010 season usually begins with the NFL Draft in April, followed by a few mini camps and then training camp, which usually starts in late July. Pre-Season games usually start in the first week of August.

Does any nfl team have open try outs?

No but i'm sure if you tried out for any of the lower leagues like arena football etc you can build up from there by balling out and getting an NFL scouts attention then you can get invites to some NFL Training camps

How long is training camp for NFL players?

For the 2007 season, training camps began between July 24 and July 30. Teams were required to be at the 53 man roster limit by September 1. That made training camp around 6 weekslong.

How can I get in the NFL with no training?

You can't.

How much time is needed to complete training for NFL?

you never quit training you never quit training

Can you walk on to NFL training camp?

no you have to be invited

Do NFL prospects make salary for training camp?

Yes, the NFL prospects make a small salary for training camp. If they do make the team, their salary will increase.

Where did the NFL start?

nfl was made in the state of Ct

What is the training program of a NFL player?

Players who wind up in the NFL have usually played football since they were young children. They play in pee wee leagues, junior leagues, junior high school, high school, and college. Many current players and former players run football camps, usually during the summer, where young men can go to learn more about playing football.