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Q: When did weight lifting become a Olympics sport?
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Is weight lifting an olympic sport?

There are many different types of weight lifting. There is Olympic Weight Lifting which includes Power Lifting, and then there is Strength Training and Body Building.

Where did the sport weight lifting come from?


Where did weight lifting first come from?

I think weight lifting first came from the Olympics. Weight lifting is a sport which contestants attempt an utmost mass single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. It tests the limit of the participant's strength and ballistic limits with smaller weights. It also executes quicker and with more mobility.

What is a synonym for the sport curling?

A synonym for the sport of curling would be weight lifting. Weight lifting is practiced as an amateur, professional, or Olympic sport and people around the world participate.

Which sport is the term crucifix connected to?

Weight lifting

In Which sport are terms 'clean' and 'jerk' used?

weight lifting

With which sport is the name Kunjarani Devi is associated?

Weight Lifting

When did cheerleading become and official sport?

A judge recently ruled that cheerleading was not a sport. As a fellow cheerleader, I beg to differ. Cheerleading combines gymnastics, dancing, and even weight lifting.

Is weight lifting a national game?

Powerlifting, is what it is called, And yes it is a sport.

Is Powerlifting an endurance sport?

Not at all. Powerlifting is about lifting a weight once and it is therefore a pure strength sport.

What olympic sport is Bulgaria best at?

Weight lifting, Wrestling and may be Rowing