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luge has been in the olympic for 900,000,000 years.

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Q: How long has luge been in the Olympics?
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How many years has luge been in the winter olympic games?

the luge has been in the winter olympics since 2000

Is luge a Olympic Game?

Luge is a Winter Olympics competition. WATCH THE OLYMPICS!

In the Beijing games 2008 what happens in the event luge?

luge is a winter Olympics event, the Beijing Olympics were the summer Olympics

Why was luge not in the Winter Olympics in 1964?

The luge WAS in the 1964 Olympics at Innsbruck!! In fact, it was the first year it was held.

How long has it been since shiva keshavan was in the winter Olympics?

The last Winter Olympics that Shiva Keshavan competed in was the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. He has represented India in luge competition at the 1998, 2002, 2006, and 2010 Winter Olympics.

What sport words start with L?

Luge is a Winter Olympics sport. Lacrosse and long jump are sports.

When was the sport luge first introduced to the Olympics?


Did Georgia quit the Olympics?

no, but withdrew from the luge out of respect

What events is Switzerland in in the winter Olympics?

Switzerland is involved in luge in the Winter Vancouver Olympics.

Has there ever been an athlete that died during the Olympics?

Four athletes have died during the Olympics: Kazmierz Kay-Skrzypeski, luge - 1964 Winter Olympics at Innsbruck Ross Milne, alpine skiing - 1964 Winter Olympics at Innsbruck Nicolas Bochatay, speed skiing (demonstration) - 1992 Winter Olympics at Albertville Nodar Kumaritashvili, luge - 2010 Winter Olympics at Vancouver

What are the differences between the luge and skeleton events in the Olympics?

In Luge, you lay on your back, but ins Skeleton, you lay on your stomach.

Olympics sports with the letter l?

land windsurfing

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