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This year, 2008!

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โˆ™ 2008-04-11 09:16:04
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Q: When did wales rfu last do the grand slam?
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When did Wales RFU beat New Zealand RFU?

55 Years ago in 1953!!! Im sure we'll do it November though.....

When was RFU Championship created?

RFU Championship was created in 2009.

How does ngb help function rfu?

doodles are fun

How do you speak to Go Samoa rugby team?

You can contact the Samoan RFU.

Who has most registered players rugby or hockey?

England RFU has the most

Who are the leaders of the RFU?

The Rugby Football Union is the national governing body for rugby in England It has approximately 1,900 rugby clubs in its membership. Ian Ritchie is the RFU's Chief Executive Officer, and Rob Andrew is the Rugby Operations Director.

What is name of the South African national rugby team?

South Africa RFU is nicknamed "The Springbok"

Why do England rugby union have non nationals playing for them?

The rules laid down by the RFU allow people to play if they have descendant connection with England i.e. a Grandfather was English. The other reason is where a player has lived and played in the country for a specific time frame. Most RFU have similar

What is the purpose of the NZ Rugby Union setting up office in France for 2015?

FRance is very close to the Host for the RWC 2015 England. Many countries will be using France, Wales, Ireland and Scotland to base themselves in as "training bases" at that time It sould be noted that the RFU have intermated that only Englaish grounds will be used for the event.

When was the first new zealand rugby team made?

The NZ RFU was formed in 1897 whereafter the formalised national team was created.

How many years has rugby gone on for?

Its formalised rules were developed in 1863 and the RFU created at the same time, Todate thats 149 years

How is rugby and football the same?

Football (soccer) was the predisessor of rugby but in 1865 the game split and teh RFu was created. The games are now nothing alike

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