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There are many times when Villanova won against Georgetown. One time was in the 1985 NCAA Basketball finals.

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Q: When did villinova win against georgetown?
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Is Syracuse better than Villinova?

Yes, Syracuse has always had an overall better program than villinova.

What state is Villinova in?


Where is Villinova?

Maddie House

Where is villinova college located?


What players in the NBA are from villinova?

steven federico

What years did villanova win the NCAA?

1985. They beat Georgetown.

What colors are the villinova sports teams?

blue and white

What large city is Villinova near?

It's near Philadelphia

What year did Villanova pull off its stunning upset against Georgetown?


What was Villanova's basketball record against Georgetown in 1985?

I am thinking it was 25-10. Could be wrong.

Who is better in lacrosse GeorgeTown or Syracuse?

Syracuse has won more games against gtown it is obvious.

What year did Georgetown win men's basketball championship?

Georgetown has made the final four 5 times: 2007, 1985, 1984, 1982, 1943 Georgetown lost the championship game in 1943, 1982, and 1985. They lost in the semifinal game in 2007. They won the championship in 1984.