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I am thinking it was 25-10. Could be wrong.

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Q: What was Villanova's basketball record against Georgetown in 1985?
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What is georgetown basketballs home record?

28-8 or 28-7 is the Georgetown home record.

What is Alabama's record against Kentucky in basketball?


What is tom izzo's record against michigan in basketball?


What was the record in 2012 for the Villanova basketball team?

The highest scoring record in 2012 was 98-86 against the team St. John's. Their best overall performance counted 94-71 against the basketball team Rosement.

What is UK Basketball's head to head record against IU Basketball?

After the game in the 2008-09 season, Kentucky holds a 29-23 edge

Which 1956 Kansas Jayhawk scored a record 52 basketball points against Northwestern?

Wilt Chamberlain

West Virginia's basketball all time series record against North Carolina?


What is the all-time win-loss record of the North Carolina Men's Basketball team?

North Carolina 128-97 against Duke in Men's Basketball.

What is the record for the most basketball dribbles?

There is no record.

What is the world record for longest basketball shot?

There really is no held record for the longest basketball shot.

What is the University of Kentucky's men basketball teams record vs Duke?

The Kentucky Wildcats are 11-8 all-time against the Duke Blue Devils in men's basketball.

What is the university of Missouri all time record in basketball against Missouri state university?

I believe they are 0-2 against the bears. That is one reason why they are afraid to play them anymore.

What is the world record for basketball?

11 and 1/2 basketball units.

What is Kansas basketball team all-time record?

Kansas Basketball All time win-loss record is 1906-781

World record for spinning a basketball?

Peyton adms holds this record with 59

What is UCLA basketball's head to head record vs Kentucky basketball?

UCLA's record against Kentucky all-time is 4-6. In UCLA's four victories, the average margin of victory was 4.5. In UK's six victories, the average margin of victory was 11. Post John Wooden/Sam Gilbert era, UCLA is 3-3 against Kentucky.

What is the world record for bouncing a basketball on the ground?


Who has the record for the most college basketball wins?

the celtics

What is University of Alabama mens' basketball home record against the Auburn Tigers over the last 32 years?

According to the latest record after smashing Auburn 94-53 March 02, 2005, Alabama's home record is now 39-7 against Auburn- per wire reports. i have to concur with your statement.

What basketball team score a record lowest amount of points in a game?

the New York knickerbockers once scored 31 points against the Detroit pistons in 1929

Record most points scored in NBA basketball history career?

Wilt Chamberlain (100 points on March 2nd 1962 against the New York Knicks).

Who won the first basketball record?

The Philadelphia Warriors are on record as the first NBA Champions in 1947.

What's University of Missouri men's basketball team record?

The University of Missouri men's basketball team record is 18-0 in 2008-2009 at the Mizzou Arena.

Who holds the record for most points scored in a basketball game at Indiana?

Jimmy Rayl scored 56 points against Minnesota on 1/27/62 and again against Michigan State on 2/23/63.

What is the world record for basketball hoop diameter?

19.5 inch