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he first went to the Olympics in 2004

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Q: When did usain bolt start to play the Olympics?
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When did Usain Bolt first play in the Olympics?


Who does Usain Bolt play for?

Jamaica if you consider that a "Who."

Who does Usain Bolt spend his spare time?

play cod

What club does Usain Bolt play for?

He is a jamaican athlete , not a football player.

What sport does Usain Bolt play?

He runs around a track and field

What does usain bolt do in his spare time?

play cod zombies all day and night

Who is the fatest sports player ever and what sport did he play?

Usain Bolt. 100 meter dash.

Is it true that usain bolt wanted to play for Manchester united?

Yes, Manchester United is his favourite club and if he had a chance to play for them he would do it.

What are the sports they play in Jamaica?

In Jamaica they usually practice running. They have some of the greatest sprinters of all time such as Asafa Powell and the incredible Usain Bolt.

What olympic team does Usain Bolt play for?

jamaica in track&field answered by the fastest man in the us to see who i am go to who is the fastest man in the us

Who is more famous Mario or Usain Bolt?

Mario is definitely more famous. the explanation lies in the fact that Mario is a classic game. So naturally, kids back then (when the game had been created) are now adults and even kids now play Mario and they know the game very well. So, mario is not only famous among the adults of today who used to play the game as kids but also today's kids. But Usain Bolt is an athlete and kids generally don't fancy such real-life sports. They prefer digital games or video games. So, Mario is definitely more famous than Usain Bolt.

Who does Debby Ryan play in bolt?

No,she does not play in Bolt

What sport do the Indian's play in Olympics?

They don't play in the Olympics.

All the womens who play for the Olympics?

=1800000 Women play at the Olympics990000 Men play at the Olympics=

Where in the Olympics do you play table tennis?

in the Olympics place

When did the whole world start to compete in the Olympics?

The world started to play the Olympic games in 1467 in Olympia, Greece. -By Awesomeness1044

Are the cayman islands competingin the Olympics?

NO, their too ay to play in the Olympics

What day did the Greeks not play Olympics?

The third day in the olympics was when the ancient Greeks didn't play any contests

How many Olympics did mia hamm play in?

She has played in the Olympics 4 times.

Do they play baseball in the Olympics?

Yes they do but it will likely be replaced for the 2012 Olympics in London.

How old do you have to play handball at the Olympics?

16. Like all the Olympics games.

Did Derek Jeter play in the Olympics?

No, Derek Jeter never played in the Olympics.

Will Bangladesh play in the next Olympics?

Yes, Bangladesh participates in every Olympics

Do they play basketball in the Olympics?


Did Wayne Gretzky ever play in the Olympics?

Wayne Gretzky did play in the Olympics in 1998 in Nagano. He managed the team in 2002 in Salt Lake City where Canada won gold. There was no winter Olympics in 2000.