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There is no such thing as women's hockey. It is merely a fixed spectacle created to give women the idea that they are equal. The women's hockey teams roll a dice to decide the olympic gold medal winners, silver, etc..

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The first recorded organized women's hockey game was in 1892. But my guess is they always let women play Ice Hockey.

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The first Winter Olympics that featured women's ice hockey was the 1998 Games in Nagano.

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Q: When did they start to play hockey in the Olympics?
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What year did ice hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer olympics.

What olympic sports start with H?

Handball is a Summer Olympics sport. Hockey (ice hockey) is a Winter Olympics sport.

Did ice hockey in the Olympics first start in 1980?

No, it started in the 1924 Winter Olympics.

Where did women start playing hockey in the Olympics?

In Nagano, Japan. The 1998 winter olympics.

When did professionals start playing hockey for the us in the Olympics?


Is Hockey in the Olympics?

The game Ice hockey is in the Winter Olympics. But ball hockey is not in any Olympics

How much did olympic hockey players get paid to play?

they don't get paid to play in the olympics. it is a privalege to play

What year did hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer Olympics then was transferd permanently to the winter games in 1924.

Why did women start to play hockey?

Women began playing hockey because hockey is an incredibly enjoyable game to play.

What year did team Canada in ice hockey start at the winter Olympics?


Can college hockey players play in the Olympics?

The NHL includes members from over 20 countries, so they don't really have any specific country advantage.