When did the playoffs start in hockey?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The MLB started the two-division-per-league system in 1969 with the two division champions facing each other. In 1995 the MLB split into three divisions per league and added the wild card to the mix.

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In 1903 with the Boston Americans (later the Boston Red Sox) winning the World Series.

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When the NHL started.

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Q: When did the playoffs start in hockey?
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When Do the playoffs start?

The National Hockey League's Playoffs normally start in early-mid April. For the past two years it has been April 9-10.

When does the ice hockey playoffs end?

The NHL playoffs typically run until early June.

When was the last time Toronto was in the playoffs for hockey?


Why do hockey players go unshaven in the playoffs?

It's tradition!

What is the name for the playoffs in hockey?

The post-season or the play-offs

When did Marc-AndrΓ© Fleury start playing hockey?

MAF was injured last season, but made it back for the end of the season and playoffs. He will start the season as the Penguins' starting goaltender.

Does direct TV have NHL hockey playoffs?

NBC sports, formerly Versus, carries the NHL Playoffs. Chanel 603

What tmonth does hockey season run?

Some teams start October 5, to Oct 9. It usually end in May (more games if you make the playoffs.

What is the earliest a hockey team has clinched the playoffs?

Win 8 straight

When do the 2009-2010 NBA playoffs start?

Playoffs start April 17th. Enjoy.

Is there a season for hockey?

The season in hockey usually goes from October to April. Playoffs go until June if the teams qualify.

When do NBA playoffs start?

The 2008-2009 playoffs start in mid-April. they all start in mid April