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The last time the Patriots played in Green Bay was November 19, 2006. The Patriots beat the Packers 35-0 in that game.

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Q: When did the patriots last play in greenbay?
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In 1997 who did greenbay play in the Super Bowl?

New England Patriots

How many years did greenbay play in the NFL?

how many years did greenbay play in the nfl

What is the greenbay packers stadium called?

The Greenbay Packers play their home games at "Lambeau Field"

Who did the patriots play last week?

the broncos

When did the patriots play green bay?

last sunday

What state does GreenBay Packers play for?


When was the last time greenbay won the Super Bowl?


Where do the greenbay packers play?

The Packers play in Lambeau field which is in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Who did the Giants play in the 2007NFC championship game?

the Greenbay packers

What year did the patriots last play on thanksgiving day?

2012, vs the Jets.

Who was the winner of last nfl?

Do you mean superboal? If so, the Greenbay Packers.

What state do the greenbay packers play in?

The play in lots of places but their home of course is in Green Bay.

Will the giants win the super bowl?

Yes! Again! Second time they knocked out Greenbay to get to the Superbowl, and it'll be the second time to upset the PAtriots!

What NFL Teams did Reggie White play for?

Carolina, Philly, and GreenBay

Who did the bronco's last play against?

The New England Patriots - the Broncos were defeated 45-10.

Did Aaron rogers play against New England Patriots last year?

Dillions of timez

Who won greenbay or Seattle?


What city are the greenbay packers from?


Which team has the third most Superbowl wins?

Greenbay packers, Newyork giants and New England Patriots are sharing the third place for the most superbowls wins.

What years did the greenbay packers win?

?Where was the last superbowl game played that the Packers won

When did the ne patriots play in a Super Bowl last?

2011 - they lost to the NY Giants 21-17.

What teams did Brett farve play on?

The Greenbay Packets, the New York Jets, and the Vikings

What NFL team was Gerald Ford offered to play for?

The Greenbay Packers and Chicago Bears.

How many former Super Bowl players currently play for the New England Patriots?

Currently all the non-rookies are superbowl champs because the Patriots won the last superbowl

Who is the actor wearing 50 in nfl play 60 commercial?

It is AJ Hawk of the GreenBay Packers.