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1980s (increased from 14 to 15) 1997 (15 to 16)

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Q: When did the minimum age requirements for gymnastics at the Olympics change?
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How does the suffix ics change the meaning of the word gymnastics?

A gymnast is a person. Gymnastics is what he or she does.

What is the plural form of gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a noun that doesn't change when it becomes plural (like sheep). So the plural is gymnastics.

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Have the rules of gymnastics changed overtime?

Yes, the rules of gymnastics change frequently, just like any other politics.

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Why did they change the gymnastics vault table?

I believe it was changed in 2002.

How does a suffix change the meaning of base word in gymnastics?


Will the Olympics change?


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How old is to old for gymnastics?

Most gymnastics places say you cannot be involved when you are 23. This is in the U.S. and is because of insurance reasons. This can change depending where you go to participate.

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Why is agility important in gymnastics?

agility is very important in gymnastics because with floor routines you need to be able to change direction under controle as a slip up could cost you the competition

How did the Olympics change London in the 1908 Olympics and in the 1948 Olympics?

It didn't basically, because there was little to change in 1908, not so many sports etc, and in 1948 it was not long after the WW2 and again much simpler than today

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Why do the Olympics change location?

The Olympics change location for versatility. The International Olympic Committee believes the games are for everyone and shouldn't be in just country year after year.

If your in 8th grade should you stop gymnastics?

Not if you enjoy it. Gymnastics is a great sport. There is no reason to stop. Even if your physical development is causing problems, you can change events or move into cheerleading.

How has gymnastics changed since it was invented?

Modern gymnastics was originally developed by the two main founding fathers Johann Guts Muth (Swedish, rythmic) and Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (German, apparatus), as an exercise regime for men and boys. It was fundamental in the preparation of combatants for the German Army of Liberation against the Napoleonic Army of Occupation. Jahn also created the horizontal bar, parallel bars and the vault, though they were much different than they are known for today. Modern Gymnastics appeared for the first time at the 1896 Olympics in Athens. Although women demonstrated the sport at the 1908 Olympics, women did not compete in the Olympics until 1928. Some of the first events seen in the Olympics from gymnastics included: running, synchronized team floor calisthenics, rope climbing, high jumping etc. Now female gymnasts compete on the floor exercise, vault, uneven bars, and balance beam. Male gymnasts compete on the floor exercise, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, pommel horse and rings. Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to receive a perfect score in the 1976 Olympics. In 2006, gymnastics saw it first change in the point system. Originally gymnasts were scored on a basis of 1 -10. 10 being the highest. But now gymnasts have a start value. This means that the gymnast performing the routines can choose the difficulty level of his/her skills. The higher the difficulty level of the skills in the routine, the higher the starting value will be.

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Why did the USGA change the way they score the Olympics?

Gymnastics is constantly getting more and more difficult and more advanced. Ever since the first perfect 10.00 score in 1976, gymnastics has been getting harder, yet the 10.00 score stayed the same. Eventually, it was realized that at some point 10.00 would no longer be that nearly impossible score, because the gymnastics skills had come up so far that the average was a perfect 10.00. So, with the new system of scoring, gymnastics can continually get more advanced without ever going too far. Gymnasts have a starting score according to the moves and difficulty of their routine, and are scored on how they compared to their starting score. It is hard for those of us who watch gymnastics to have to say good-bye to that perfect 10.00, but it will be better for the long run.

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