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some one one day saw some kids kicking a bottle around the street and this man/ woman had an idea to invent a game called football which they instead of kicking bottles they created the football and has been the most popular game ever since i was not born to tell you who the person was and it is almost impossible to find out who that person actually was

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Q: When did the man that invented football make the footballs from?
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Who in England invented football?

football derives from the ancient greek term 'footeballe' and was invented by a man named Derek Ballfoot.

What was the name of the man who invented football?

Walter camp

Who is invented football?

Walter Camp was the man that invented the great sport of football. He made the rules official back in 1879. Football is the most popular sport in the world.

How does sleep affect a football player's performance?

Sleep effect is very effect to become the footballs player because during the sleep man lazy

Who invented the football world cup?

It was the French man Jules Rimet.

Egyptian most popular sport?

croquette, invented by a man named Football

Hen was football made?

Football is very old. The first ideas of football probably started way back but the first football leagues (involving primitive footballs made of pig bladders) started around 1870. As i say, people have been kickinground things since the dawn of man. Silvershadow

Who invented soccer goal nets?


When was the number plane invented?

it was invented in 1950 when a Australian man Max Carter invented it because he wanted to make sense with direct numbers

When was the green man invented?

why the green man was invented

Who invented or made the first American football for the game of football?

The man credited for designing the football shape we know today is a man named Walter Camp who enrolled at Yale University in 1876 and joined the IFA rules committee. He is also credited with proposing a number of rules that were established in the following years.

Why do men think that football is a man's game?

Probably because it was invented by men and dominantly played by men. Women's football is no where near as popular in the UK and Europe as it is in the USA, but football isn't even that popular in the USA compared to other sports.

Who invented vedic maths?

Vedic maths was invented by man only to make maths more easy many brains have been used to make this fantastic technology.

Why was lip gloss gloss invented?

It was invented to make actors' lips shiny and moist-looking in movies. The man who invented it, Max Factor, was a movie makeup artist.

Who made more money the man who invented the shoe lace or the man who invented shoe lace tips?

The man who invented the shoelace tips.

Who invented carnivals?

A man like 100 years ago he decided to make a carnival.

When was The Man Who Invented the Moon created?

The Man Who Invented the Moon was created in 2003.

How many people in a team does there have to be in football?

in a team of foot ball you need 11 players :-) In some states there is 6 man and 8 man as well as 11 man football. The Canadian Football League plays 12 man football.

When were eggs invented?

when chickens where invented they were not invented! they not man made

When was Isle of Man Football League created?

Isle of Man Football League was created in 1896.

Who is the man that invented ice cream?

i am not sure but the man who invented popsicles is Mr. Epsicles

What is the duration of The Man Who Invented the Moon?

The duration of The Man Who Invented the Moon is 1920.0 seconds.

Who is the richest man from football?

The richest man from football is David Beckham who plays for England and A.C. Milan.

Who invented pottasium?

it was invented by a man called P.I.Staker and a man called liangcheng yu. And it wasn't invented, it was discovered.

Why were french horns invented?

they were invented to make a mellow velvet sound that went good with woodwinds too. they were invented in (modern horn) in 1777 by a German man named Heinrich

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