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Q: When did the excessive noise penalty end?
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What is the health hazard of excessive noise exposure?

Excessive noise exposure results in:hearing losstinnituspossibly also in hypertension

What is the penelty for excessive celebration in the end zone?

you get a penalty and have to redo the touchdown. The above answer is wrong. Excessive celebration is a dead-ball personal foul. Because a dead-ball foul occurs after the play is over, the touchdown still stands. The 15-yard penalty is assessed on the ensuing kickoff.

Can a condo owner's kids legally make excessive noise to disturb other owners?

No.They can make excessive noise illegally.You can find the guidelines in your governing documents about excessive noise. You can be fined for this behaviour and be notified that you are in violation of your community's rules and regulations.

What equipment must be installed in a powerboat to prevent excessive or unusual noise?

A muffler system must be installed in a powerboat to prevent excessive or unusual noise.

Why do people think noise is noise pollution?

Noise pollution is noise that is so excessive that it disturbs the balance of human or animal life.

Why is excessive celebration is such a serious penalty?

Because it is considered unsportsmanlike.

What is noise pollution and its definition?

The presence of excessive or unwanted sound in the atmosphere is called noise pollution.

How do you answer a noise complaint letter?

If you get a noise complaint letter then it is best that you stop what ever is making the excessive noise. If the noise is violating the noise pollution law, then you have to stop asap before the police get involved and you get fined. If it is not breaking the law but it is annoying the community then it is best to stop anyway or you will end up with other issues such as neighbors damaging your property when you are not at home.

Was the noise penalty ever enforced in the NFL and when?

Yes at a Detroit lions game the lions were penelized for the crowd noise

How do you find a bad roller bearing?

there will be excessive wear & noise change

Excessive noise in control systems can cause?

saturation in amplifying stages

What is the penalty for excessive celebration after a touchdown on the NFL?

15 yards for 'unsportsman like conduct'.