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Q: When did the craftsman truck racing begin?
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In Nascar racing when did they start racing trucks?

The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series began as the SuperTruck Series in 1995, then was renamed the Craftsman Truck Series in 1996, Mike Skinner won the 1st Championship, he has 24 wins in the series, and Ron Hornaday, the 2007 Craftsman Truck series Champion and 3 time title winner leads with most wins-33. Mike Skinner also won the 1st Truck race held at Phoenix Int'l Raceway, the Copper Classic.

Where can one watch truck racing?

There are a number of places in the UK to appreciate the unrivaled, and idiosyncratic thrills of truck racing. One of the most highly anticipated events on the calendar is the British Truck Racing Championships which begin in April and take place at Brands Hatch. Another popular venue for truck racing is the course in Thruxton which is regarded as the UK's fastest racing circuit and regularly hosts events at reasonable entrance fees. There are also events in Pembrey, Mallory Park and Croft throughout the year and within the racing season.

Which craftsman truck series driver placed first for the 2002 season?

Mike Bliss was the 2002 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion. The Craftsman Truck Series is the former name of the Camping World Truck Series. ChaCha on!

Where can one go to watch trucks racing?

Truck racing is becoming a big part of NASCAR and drag racing. NASCAR Truck races are held at many NASCAR tracks across the country. Truck drag racing can be found at many drag strips across the country as well. Alternatively one can always catch the truck races on TV and YouTube.

Where can one purchase truck racing games?

One can purchase truck racing games from stores such as Kmart or Target, or on online websites such as eBay or Amazon. As well as this, one may visit video game stores such as EBGames to purchase truck racing games.

What sports are played on trucks?

There's the sport of truck racing, but the driver sits in the truck. NASCAR has a Truck Series, and another form of this type of racing is the use of tractor units which have been modified.

Where can one purchase Craftsman wrenches?

Several places offer Craftsman Wrenches, including Zoro Tools, Sears, the Craftsman website, Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, Target, JCPenny, Global Industrial, and Summit Racing Equipment.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing - 2000?

The cast of Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing - 2000 includes: Ellen Lohr as Narrator

How dangerous is Monster Truck Racing?

It can be VERY dangerous.

Where did street racing begin?

on the street???

Where did horse racing begin?


When did camel racing begin?


Did Jeff Gordon ever race in the Nascar Truck Series?

No. Jeff Gordon has never raced in the Nascar Craftsman or Camping World Truck Series.

Who got kicked out of NASCAR?

Shane Hmiel was banned for life from failing 3 drug tests, and was banned in 2006. Aaron Fike a craftsman truck series drive who drives for Red Horse Racing, in 2007 was caught doing drugs in a parking lot, with a fellow crew member.

On NASCAR 06 the video game why arent there any truck manufacturers in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series?

On NASCAR 06 the video game, truck manufactures did not give their permission to use there brand.

What has the author Scott D Johnston written?

Scott D. Johnston has written: 'Monster truck racing' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Monster trucks, Truck racing, Trucks

When did Formula 1 racing begin?


Can you put racing fuel in your truck?

yes you can put race fuel in your truck. however if the truck is computer controled you must use only unleaded racing fuel. also if you do purchase race fuel, have your computer remapped to produce the most amount of horsepower and torque as possible.

Is monster truck racing fake?

NO It is real! My friends seen it before!

What are the truck games Are they very popular?

Truck games are internet flash games that contains truck as its main element. Truck games are usually in a racing form, where players control a truck and try to beat the other truck in a given period of time.

How many drivers named Petty have raced in Nascar?

Adam Petty (Busch, Craftsman Truck & Winston Cup)Jeremy Petty (Camping World Truck)Julian Petty (Grand National & Convertible Series)Kyle Petty (Winston West, Busch, Craftsman Truck, Winston Cup)Lee Petty ( Grand National & Convertible Series)Mark Petty (Craftsman Truck)Maurice Petty (Grand National)Richard Petty (Convertible, Winston West, Grand National, Winston Cup)Ritchie Petty (Craftsman Truck & Winston Cup)Steve Petty (K&N Pro Series)

Who is Jay Stewart 33 Craftsman Truck Series?

Jay is from Lubbock Texas and tried the truck series. He now races dirt cars and is starting his own line of modifieds.

When did sled dog racing begin?

Around the 1980's

Is a truggy a truck?

A truggy truck is the body of both a buggy and truck with the purpose of racing tougher tracks and terraign and able to use a much larger engine. its pretty much a step below a trophy truck but above a buggy.

Where is Ricky Carmichael racing?

In 2009 Ricky will take the next step in his NASCAR career under the guidance and support of NASCAR Icon, Kevin Harvick. Ricky's plans for 2009 and 2010 include the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, continued testing with Team Factory Suzuki and competing in special events like the X Games.