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The National Football League(NFL) was founded in 1920. The American Football League(AFL) was founded in 1960. The two leagues sustained a heavy rivalry until merging in 1970.

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Q: When did the NFL begin?
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When will the NFL 2009 season begin?

The 2009 NFL season will begin on Thursday September 10th

What year did the NFL begin?

The NFL was founded on August 20th, 1920.

When will 2010 NFL playoffs begin?

They will begin very soon right after this Sunday they will be announced.

What year did free agency begin in NFL?


When does the 2010 NFL football season begin?

In September

In what year did the NFL begin?

The NFL officially began in 1920, according to "Football for Dummies" 3rd edition.

When does the 2009 NFL pre-season begin?

August 9th

When does the NFL season begin?

Will starts Sunday Sept. 7

What year did NFL teams begin wearing numbered jerseys?


When does the NFL season begin 2012 2013 season?

september 6

What Football teams begin with g?

· Giants - New York Giants (NFL) · Green Bay Packers (NFL)

What time does 2009 NFL draft start?

The 2009 NFL draft will begin at 3pm eastern time on Saturday April 25th.

What Football teams begin with n?

· New England Patriots (NFL) · New Orleans Saints (NFL) · New York Giants (NFL) · New York Jets (NFL).

NFL assistant coach salary?

Each assistant coach for the NFL has a different salary. Most of the assistant coach's salary begin at $400,000.

What year did the San Francisco 49ers begin playing in the NFL?

The San Francisco 49ers began playing in the NFL in 1946.

What was the first NFL expansion franchise in August 1965?

The Atlanta Falcons were granted an expansion franchise in the summer of 1965 by NFL Commissioner Pete Roselle to begin play in the NFL in the 1966 season.

What are some NFL player's last names that begin with the letter I?

· Michael Irvin

When does the NFL 08-09 season begin?

Will starts Sunday Sept. 7

What year did emmitt smith begin his career in the NFL?

His rookie season was in 1990

How many players do each NFL team start with?

In 2007, NFL teams are allowed to begin training camp with 80 players plus those that played in NFL Europe. Since NFL Europe has disbanded this number may be changed for next season.

What color flags did NFL officials begin throwing after abandoning white flags?


What color flags did NFL officials begin throwing after abandoning white ones in 1965?


Which NFL football player did Jessica Simpson begin dating in November 2007?

Tony Romo

What NFL player name start with a f?

Marshall Faulk and Dan Fouts played in the NFL. Their names begin with the letter F.

When did drew brees begin his career?

Drew Brees began his NFL career in 2001 when he was drafted by the Chargers.

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