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The Mia Hamm Foundation was started in 1999, and is headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC. Mia Hamm is famous American soccer player.

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Q: When did the Mia Hamm Foundation start?
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What does Mia Hamm do now?

Mia runs the Mia Hamm Foundation and is the cofounder of Athletes for Hope

Who influenced mia hamm to do the mia ahmm foundation?

Mia Hamm started the foundation when her adopted Thai-American brothe, Garret died from bone Marrow disease

Who is Mia Hamm's son?

Garrett Garciaparra. I am guessing he was named after Mia's brother who died in 1997 and who she started the Mia Hamm Foundation after.

What failures or struggles did Mia Hamm have?

Mia Hamm had a very hard time after her brother, Garrett, died of a rare blood disorder. Mia created the Mia Hamm Foundation in honor of her brother.

Why did mia hamm create the mia hamm foundation?

The Mia Hamm Foundation was created after he brother Garret died in 1997 from Aplastic Anemia. The foundation is used to raise money for people who need bone marrow transplants and also to raise bone marrow awareness.

What did Mia Hamm do for a living?

play soccer and has her own mia hamm foundation that raises money for bone marrow research. (go hamm is a wonderful person overall!

When did Mia Hamm start playing national team?

Mia Hamm started playing at age 15.

What is one achievement of Mia Hamm?

she started her own foundation called the Mia Hamm foundation witch supports reasherching in bone maroww disease and to help kids get more active in sports.

At the 2004 Olympics Mia Hamm competed in which sport for the US?

After the death of her brother in 1997, Mia Hamm created the Mia Hamm Foundation to support bone marrow transplant patients and encourage young female athletes.

When did Mia Hamm start college?

Mia went to the U.N.C. in 1989.

Who is Mia Hamm's mother?

Mia Hamm's mother was Stephanie Hamm.

What nationality is Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm is from the U.S.A.

How do you pronounce Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm (me a ham )

What is mia hamm scared of?

what scares mia hamm

What roles did Mia Hamm played?

Mia Hamm play soccer. That is what role Mia Hamm played.

What page is Mia Hamm on?

Click on the 'Mia Hamm Bio' link on this page to read all about Mia Hamm.

What mia hamm study?

mia hamm studyes soccer

Does mia hamm have bangs?

no mia hamm doesn't have bangs

Who is Mia's mother?

Mia Hamm's mother was Stephanie Hamm.

Who was Mia Hamm's father?

Mia Hamm's father is William Hamm. He was in the air force.

Did Mia hamm suffer any injuries?

She was born with a partial clubfoot and wore casts on her feet when she was a baby to help correct them. When the casts came off, Mia's feet were ready to take on the world.Read more: Mia Hamm Biography | Pictures & Photos | Soccer Player | Kids Sports | Mia Hamm Foundation

When was the mia hamm foundation started?

The Mia Hamm Foundation, a non-profit organization, was started in 1999. It is a national organization dedicated to raising funds for bone marrow research, and dedicated to the development of greater opportunities for young women to participate in sports.

Is bill hamm the dad of mia hamm?

Yes! Bill is Mia Hamm's fathers name.

What is the birth name of Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm's birth name is Mariel Margret Hamm.

Where was Mia Hamm born?

Mia Hamm was born in Selma, Alabama