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They made it in 1997 but they lost to the broncos and haven't been back since then

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Q: When did the Atlanta Falcons make the Super Bowl?
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Will the cowboys make it to the Super Bowl?

No the cowboys will not make it to the super bowl this year. But the Falcons and the Raiders aregoin t super bowl 45 and theres ur awnser

Who did the Atlanta Falcons play in the 98'99' playoffs?

The Atlanta Falcons 1998 postseason: Divisonial-San Francisco 49ers W 20-18 NFC Championship-Minnisota Vikings W 30-27(OT) Super Bowl-Denver Broncos L 19-34 The Atlanta Falcons didnt make the playoffs in there 1999 season there finished the season 5-11 and 3rd in the NFC West

Can the Atlanta Falcons make it to the NFL playoff season?


Who was the last wild card team to lose in the super bowl?

The last Wild Card team to make the Super Bowl and lose was the 2008 Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were the 4th seed in the NFC playoffs. They advanced to the Super Bowl by defeating the Atlanta Falcons in the Wild Card round, the Carolina Panthers in the Divisional Round and the Philadelphia Eagles in the Conference Championship game. The Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII.

How much does Super Bowl referee make?

How much does a super bowl referee make for the super bowl?

What teams did not make Super Bowl?

The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars have never played in a Super Bowl. Cleveland and Detroit won NFL championships, but this was prior to the Super Bowl era. Houston and Jacksonville were relatively recent expansion teams, formed after Super Bowls were already being played. The Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers have all played in at least one Super Bowl, but have no Super Bowl rings.

How do you get to the Super Bowl final?

You have to make it to the playoffs and win to make it to the Super Bowl

Did Brett Favre make it to the super bowl with the jets?

No, he did not make it to the Super Bowl with the Jets. The last time the Jets were in the Super Bowl was in 1969.

What years did the Saints make it to the Super Bowl?

They are in the 2010 Super Bowl.

Who all did packers beat to win 2011 super bowl?

In the regular season they beat the New York Giants and the Bears just to win the wild card and make it into the playoffs. And they beat the Eagles, Falcons, Bears in the playoffs, and the Settlers in the Super Bowl.

When did the Jacksonville Jauguars make it to the Super Bowl?

They have never been to a Super Bowl.

Did the atlanta falcons used to be AFC?

Actually, the Atlanta Falcons were almost a team in the AFC. On June 7, 1965, local businessmen had made a deal with the American Football League (AFL) to make the Atlanta Falcons a member of the AFL. However, in 1966, Atlanta declared that their new football team would be joining the National Football League (NFL).

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