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They came into the NFL in 1966

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Q: When did the Atlanta Falcons become franchise?
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When was the Atlanta Falcons franchise started?

In 1966 the Atlanta Falcons Franchise was started as a expansion team

How many Total wins for the Atlanta Falcons?

As of right now the Atlanta franchise has 273 wins.

Does the chairman and CEO also own the Atlanta Falcons?

Arthur Blank is the CEO and owner of the Atlanta Falcons. He acquired the franchise in February, 2002.

How many times has the Atlanta Falcons lost?

The Atlanta Falcons Franchise currently holds a record of 308 wins, 397 losses, and 6 ties.

In their 1000th game in franchise history who did Chicago play and what was the score?

Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0 Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0

How many football games have the Atlanta Falcons won in franchise history?

Atlanta Falcons: Record (W-L-T): 341-437-6 Playoff Record: 9-13

What happened in history today 30th of July?

On June 30, 1965, the Atlanta Falcons became a franchise.

What is the Atlanta falcons nickname?

Besides the Atlanta Falcons, the falcons are sometimes referred to as "The Dirty Birds".

Where are the Atlanta Falcons from?

The Atlanta Falcons are from Atlanta Georgia. The Falcons joined the NFL in 1966 and have always played in Atlanta. And havn't compiled very many wins there.

How long has the Atlanta Falcons been in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Falcons have been calling Atlanta home since 1966

Who is the mascot for the Atlanta Falcons?

The current mascot for the Atlanta Falcons is Freddie the Falcon

What is the Atlanta Falcons' mascot?

The mascot for the Atlanta Falcons is named Freddie the Falcon.

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