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The Asia world cup occured on January 26, 2011

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Q: When did the Asia World Cup occur?
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How many Asia teams in the world cup?

There are 4 teams from Asia.

When did the second Cricket World Cup occur?

the second Cricket World Cup occur in 1979 in England which is won by west-indies.

How many times has the World Cup been hosted in Asia?

The world cup was hosted in Asia only once in 2002 . When Japan and south Korea shared it.

Why people like cricket world cup 2011?

Cricket world cup was full of thrilling performances.After 15 years,world cup was held in asia.

Which continent has the least participents in the world cup?


Is there any country won world cup from Asia?

Asian Country has never won the fifa world cup.

Where do most flooding occur in the world?

Bangladesh in Asia ...

What parts of the world do natural disasters occur in?


How many people throughout the world watch the world cup?

Only Asia.

Where in the world does ringworm occur?

Ringworms occur all over the world, but it maily occurs in Asia, Noth-America and Africa

Where does most world hunger occur?

In Africa,India and Asia.

Countries in Asia have hosted the World Cup?

Only two countries have jointly hosted the world cup. They are Japan and South korea.

Did Japan play against England in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

This matchup did not occur in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Who was the first country from Asia to enter the World Cup Finals?


How many times is the ICC World Cup staged in Asia?


How many time Asia host cricket world cup?

asia held 4 times

Where was the World Cup in 2002?

The 2002 FIFA World Cup was the first World Cup held in Asia; it was held in both the nations of South Korea and Japan from the 31st of May until June 30th.

How many countries from Asia take part in world cup?

Four countries

Where was the Asia cup held this year?

Srilanka is hosted this Asia Cup 2010

When was Hockey Asia Cup created?

Hockey Asia Cup was created in 1982.

When was FIBA Asia Cup created?

FIBA Asia Cup was created in 2004.

How often does the FIFA World Cup occur?

Every four years.

In which month did the 1983 Cricket World Cup final occur?


Countries from Asian continent that played in fifa world cup 2010?

The countries from Asia in the 2010 world cup are North Korea, South Korea, Japan

Who won the World Cup in2000?

There was no world cup in 2000, world cups occur every 4 years. Being that there were WC's held in 98 and 02, this is impossible.