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Michael Phelps

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Q: When did swimming become a popular sport in the Olympics?
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What was the most popular sport in ancient Olympics?

most people reckon that swimming is the best sport in the Olympics

When did swimming become a winter Olympic sport?

I don't know what Olympics you're thinking of, but swimming is in the summer Olympics

Why is swimming the popular sport in Olympics?

Probably the most covered sport after Track and Field.

Where did swimming become an Olympic sport?

1896 (first Olympics)

Which events are most popular with spectators for the Olympics?

Gymnastics is very popular, because the gymnasts are AMAZING. Also, swimming is popular. Actually, I believe every sport in the Olympics is popular.

What made swimming popular?

Swimming became popular because it is an Olympic sport so people started to do it themselves because they got inspired by the Olympics.

How did it the Olympics become a popular sport?

The Olympics are not actually not a sport but is a ancient competition but its been popular in Greece since 3-5000 years a go.

What year did swimming become an olympic sport?

Swimming became an Olympic sport in the 1896 Summer Olympics. It was hosted in Athens, Greece, and 241 athletes took part in the games.

When did swimming become popular in the US?

swimming gained popularity in the 19th century...becoming a sport in the U.S.

Is swimming an athletic sport?

Certainly; there is even a swimming competition in the Olympics.

Is swimming a summer or winter sport?

Swimming is in included in the Summer Olympics.

What sport is Zimbabwe good at in the Olympics?


What is Canada's favorite sport in the Olympics?


How popular is swimming?

Swimming Is a very popular sport in some areas.

Why is the US and Australia the best at swimming?

First of all, height is a huge advantage in swimming, and these countries generally have taller people. Also, swimming is more of a minority sport in other countries, but swimming is a growing sport in these two countries that have become a main part of these countries' summer Olympics.

What is Australia's best sport in the Olympics?

Swimming is Australia's best Olympic sport. Out of the 143 Gold medals that Australia has won in Olympics, as of 2014, swimming makes up 58 of them.

When did swimming become an Olympic sport?

Swimming was an Olympic sport in 1896.

Why did speed skating become a olympic sport?

When a sport becomes very popular it will/can be looked at by the Olympic council, some sports, like UFC are very popular, but will not be in the Olympics because of the violence and such. Speedskating became very popular, and was accepted, so now it is in the Olympics.

How long has swimming been a sport?

Swimming has been a sport since the Olympics were started, probably even earlier than that.

What sport do most people watch in the Olympics?


What sport have you been the most successful at in the Olympics?


Is what sport is Vanuatu participating at the 2008 Olympics?


What is the highest paid sport in the Olympics?

soccer and swimming

Why swimming become a sport?

it isn't a sport. swimming is a way to keep from drowning!

Are there male synchorised swimmers in the Olympics?

No in the olympics, synchronised swimming is an all female sport