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1863 it started of by just being English teams and I think Irish teams too.

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Q: When did soccer started?
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Who started the soccer?

Japanese invented and started soccer.

Where and when was soccer started?

Professional Soccer started in the late 1800's in England.

How did japan started playing soccer?

soccer was

Who found Soccer?

it was the English men that started soccer

How old was Hope Solo when started playing soccer?

Hope was 5 when she started playing soccer

Where did soccer started?

In Britain.

Where soccer started?


How long was a soccer field when soccer started?

not as big as it is now

Who introduce soccer?

The English started soccer. I'm not entirely sure the specific person who started but I know he was British.

Where and where did soccer stat?

Soccer, in its primitive form, started in ancient China.

How do you start soccer game?

A soccer match is started with a kick-off.

How long ago did soccer start in the US?

soccer started in the 1170s

How is a soccer game started?

A kick off on the middle of the soccer field.

What country was soccer started in?


Where and how did soccer start?

It started in England

Who started or invented soccer?

i think the Chinese started a sport like soccer then other countries just kept adding on.

When was soccer played in England?

in 1170 it started and England is still playing soccer!

When did soccer first start in Mexico?

in 2008 soccer first started in mexico.

Why did soccer start?

does anyone know why soccer started in general, not just in australia?

How many soccer deaths have there been?

Only 10 since soccer started.

What year was soccer started in the US?

it started in the early 1960's

When did Lionel Messi started playing soccer?

sine 1995 he started

Why is it called soccer?

it was originally called football everywhere but people started calling it soccer short for soccer association

When did women's soccer start?

it started on 1960

Where socer started?

soccer orinated from china