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The first league was started up in New England in the 1890s, but disbanded around 1900. The NASL was founded in the 1970s, and disbanded in the early 1980s. Those were the first "soccer" leagues in the US.

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Q: When did soccer start in the US?
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How long ago did soccer start in the US?

soccer started in the 1170s

What month does us soccer season start?

In England August.

How do you start off a soccer game?

First the coach will start us off, by flipping a coin and the player gets it right start with the ball.

Is soccer European or us?

Soccer is U.S.

When did the sport of soccer start?

about a month after soccer balls were made

Where the soccer start?


When did soccer start?

The answer is 1863

What is the conclussion between US soccer and Europe soccer?

Soccer in Europe is generally thought to be played at a quicker pace than US soccer

When soccer first came to the US what was it called?


World soccer shop in US?

Soccer Looker

How do you start soccer game?

A soccer match is started with a kick-off.

Are there any womens varsity soccer teams in US?

there is the women's us soccer team.

How many soccer players in the US?

US Soccer players steady at 18.2 Million

Is soccer going to be played in US?

Soccer is played somewhere in the US every day.

Do you need to be a legal citizen of the us to start getting paid to play professional soccer?

no, you just need a legal way of working. Soccer is a job and to do any job in the US you need a working visa. Their are many kinds a good place to start looking is the INS which can be found on the internet.

Were did soccer start?

In England, in the 1800s.

Why did they start soccer?

because they liked it

Soccer balls that start with A?


When did Mexican soccer start?

in 1920

Which country did soccer start from?


Where was soccer start?

Great Britain

When did Australia soccer start?

in 1880

Where and how did soccer start?

It started in England

When is the African soccer cup start?

I think it start's in August

When is the US season for soccer?

soccer is football with a little booty