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it go started when Columbus had discovered it the the settlers started kicking a cocoa nut around and the they named it soccer

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Q: When did soccer in Puerto Rico start?
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When was Puerto Rico Soccer League created?

Puerto Rico Soccer League was created in 2008.

When was Puerto Rico Soccer League PlayOff Cup created?

Puerto Rico Soccer League PlayOff Cup was created in 2008.

Is the soccer team Mexico the rival of the soccer team Puerto Rico?

no because Puerto Rico doesn't have an international team and Mexico is rivals with the US

When was Puerto Rico Soccer League Regular Season Cup created?

Puerto Rico Soccer League Regular Season Cup was created in 2008.

What games are played in Puerto Rico?

basketball, soccer, and baseball are the most commen sports played in puerto rico

Why is soccer not popular in Puerto Rico?

# Puerto Rico desided to play basket ball instead of soccer. # we actually have a soccer team they are the islanders. # they are very cool.

What is Puerto Rico's favorite sport?

Puerto Rico's favorite sport is Boxing along with Baseball next to it they also like soccer

What are the favorite sports of Puerto Rico?

Soccer, Baseball, and Boxing.

Popular sports of Puerto Rico?

Soccer, rugby, baseball

What is the major sport of Puerto Rico?

im guessing soccer

Which national flag does not depict a crescent?

Puerto Rico

What are some popular sports in Puerto Rico?

Baseball... Tennis etc.

Where did regaetton music start?

puerto rico

Is Puerto Rico's soccer team a main attraction?

I dont think that it is a very popular thing like other contries because puerto rico i most known for there baseball team .But that is my opinio

Is Puerto Rico a foreign country?

If you are in Puerto Rico, no. If you are not in Puerto Rico, yes.

How much money for a round trip to Puerto Rico?

Its free if you start in Puerto Rico. However, the price will vary depending on where you are coming from the and the mode of transport you use.

In May 2001 where did the world's highest ground-based telescope start functioning?

Puerto Rico

Explain what diffence is between football in Puerto Rico and the US?

What is called football by most of the world is what we call soccer.Added : In my experience (although many countries have Soccer/football teams in international play) Puerto Rico is not all that enthusiastic with soccer (like their South & Central American Amigos) .They are very much into baseball , basketball and volleyball .Added 23 Feb 2010:Puerto Rico Islanders is a Puerto Rican professional soccer/football team based in Bayamón, PR. Founded in

What is Puerto Rico's government's name?

The Government of Puerto Rico have two official names. The first one: Government of Puerto Rico; and the second one: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In Spanish: 'Gobierno de Puerto Rico' or 'Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico'.

In what decade did immigrants from Puerto Rico start to arrive?


Where did salsa start and when?

about the 1950's in cuba/puerto-rico

What are some locations in Puerto Rico?

where is bank of america in puerto rico

What specific events caused the US to become involved in Puerto Rico?

The US invaded Puerto Rico on 25 July 1898 at the start of the Spanish American War. When the war was over Spain was forced to cede Guam, Cuba, the Philippenes and Puerto Rico to the US.

What are the main sports played in Puerto Rico?

While basketball and soccer are big sports, the primary sport is baseball. With many draft picks coming out of Puerto Rico the talent pool is undeniable. MLB teams such as the Yankees, Twins, and Padres have played spring training games against Team Puerto Rico to get ready for the upcoming season.

What is the country code and area code of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico?

The country code and area code of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico is 1, (1+)787.